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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

wuh? I talk a lot about writing, altered states of being, and cross-stitch with a dash of christmas

wuh? I talk a lot about writing, altered states of being, and cross-stitch with a dash of christmas

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hugh huh (twitch)
Right now, I'm feeling rather out of it. This may be an understatement, the screen feels too far away and I can't remember if I took my pill.

Okay, yesterday I actually opened up my fic and reeled in the face of some incredibly disjointed writing. Then I cut it and wrote something beautiful and euphoric. Woot. 800 words is a start climbing Mt Fic. If you're following my eternal WIP, this was how Stella met Vecchio. It's like my best writing dense and chewy. I like detail, I like making associations and I love leaving little clues (not quite the right word*) hints to things we are going to discover later in the journey. We learn a lot about Stella's mother-related problems, most of which involve match-making and a certain "oleganous alderman".

Yes, I am a continuity nerd and I love the freedom of canon. Uh. That sounded weird. But how much do we exclude from the toybox? In looking to tell stories outside canon, about love, death and Canadian Shacks, do we lock out a heap of posibilities? I like AUs and I like them best when they take canon to pieces but retain everything true about the character.

I get a chess-playing diner owner, an entertainment lawyer doing some covert observation with her girlfriend hatching plans to tear out corruption in local government, a terrrifyngly knowing cab driver, a small time operator being pushed out by - uh, that would be telling? So, I'm sure you can figure this out - Frankie Zuko.

Whee! This is fun. I need to get out and talk fic more. I'm flying. Headaches, weird and euphoria is not an unfamiliar combination casa buzzy. I just need to not do anything stupid and break things.

Also, so this entire post isn't entirely about "on the inside, I'm a poet", I ordered some stitch kits in an online closing down sale and am now the happy owner of more stitchy bits! eee! squee!

In another example of the f-list being made of win - thank you for your Christmas cards, they light me up like a christmas tree**. Seekrit Message to _unhurt_ - your card making skills are not of the suck.

At "work" we are back to that old favourite, doing inadvisable things with ladders. Also, my new shiny system has finally convinced my boss. This is good.

*write now? I hate homophones. I'm not that hot on homophobes either.
**except the bit where ours - with intergral lights - has a huge dark patch around the middle. It's a pretty good metaphor for how I feel right now. Altered states of being do not always suck (well, not too hard) but I might hate the brane tomorrow morning.
  • it arrived already? speed!

    (also i was having Work Crisis when email arrived. sorry!)
    • eeeeeeeee! Dosk liked it and "helped" me put it up.

      (agh! bad timing. sorry. it was bad, right?

      I then went onto write Stella into a romance-novel orgasm *g*

      I like that bit like kittens)
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