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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

I knew I would go splat after a day of being spaced and floaty. So,…

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welsh: headdesk
I knew I would go splat after a day of being spaced and floaty.

So, not good, my sentences are making less sense again. I was planning to email some best wishes out to some of my (not so nearest) dearest.

Mummyfrog and I made mince pies. Premade pastry was sucky, so we made some real pastry to even things out a bit. This is good.

Did some stitching (big areas of colour N) but not a huge amount of it (yet). It's looking good. On the subject of photographs, dosk has developed an obsession about 3d printers/fabbers and shown me a hundred youtube videos about them... all this stuff fills up my head until I disgorge it onto other people. So, fabbers are fab.

Mummyfrog is feeling excited about how I don't know what is coming my way. I guess Llamas is a bit much and stitching too obsessive (okay, that might be because I bought five kits sometime in the past couple of months) and my two-track mind doesn't have many ideas. Okay, it says it wants a nice illustration and some wingfic; but mummyfrog is not in the market for that.

Does anybody know the words to "hey, cousin catterpillar"? Uh, we don't have all of them (but bbd does have all the fun noises).

Trapped in inarticulate amber, I'm still wishing I had it together enough to do some writing.
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