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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

how to show a girl a good time, by buzzy

how to show a girl a good time, by buzzy

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hcl: joenbilly
Yesterday was the parental ones' wedding aniversary so we had dinner out. This was nice. Smiths in Canterbury has an unexpected selection of "graphic novels" (three shelves with a DC bias then manga) and I had a gift card. So now I have "All Star Superman" (volume 1) for a very reasonable 7 squid. This makes me very happy as it is gorgeous and has that weird innocent quality of golden/silver (electrum?) age Superman. <3 <3 <3

While nowhere near as bad as things get, the brane seems to be working off the seasonal surfeit by throwing parties (and everything else it can lay its hands on) in my head. Ouch.

Also, finally found out how to colour-convert Coats Puppets (cheap grey-import embroidery floss) to Coats Anchor (not so cheap embroidery floss). It is ridiculously easy - knock seven off the Puppets code, so this website tells me. I got a bunch before Woolworths achieved critical mass and had a melt down. I've also seen it in C&H (and this time I will not rant about their expensive tat muscling out all the craft supplies, wool and fabric departments). Oh dear, I did.

Now to read about the super-sewing machine! *giggles*
  • Smiths has gotten a bunch of comics in recently. It's very strange!
    • Glad I am not alone. It would be too much for the Dover branch to get any, right?
      • Not necessarily, even the Luton branch has half a shelf. I mean they're mostly Batman, but still.
        • *eeps cautiously*

          Yup, mostly batbooks but All Star Superman is so good it must be bad for you. And Grant Morrison / Frank Quitely. You actually get why Jimmy wants to be Superman's Pal. And there is some wonderful robots/fortress of solitude/super sewing machine fun. And a hundred different kinds of kryptonite (just like the golden age and HELL that's fun). There was some on scans_daily when #1 came out and it is good.
          • Really? I have a huge hate for Superman so I haven't tried it. Then again, I also have a massive hate for Captain America and I'm really enjoying New Avengers.
            • I'm not a Superfan, but I enjoyed it and dosk won't stop giggling. Hey, it's 7 squid, what's not to like? And teh pretty.

              Oh, and Lois Lane refused to believe Superman is Clark Kent.

              Uh, Krypto the superdog, the league of future Supermen... Uh, that's not going to entice you as much as I think, right? The writing is brilliant and it jumps into the deep end. And there are crazy acronyms and even crazier scientists. Oh, and you don't want to punch anybody (except for a journalist who thinks Lois should want a "real man"). And there is really really good Lex Luthor - the almost sane and reasonable kind of Lex and he is scary-a-rama.

              I get the whole Superman / Captain America thing, they're bland, inoffensive and are walking deii ex macchina. Beyond that, I can't put it into words. Not interesting and subject of a lot of weird patriotism. And now my brain is trying to tell me that both of them have Jewish creators. I have no idea what to make of that.
  • Almost all superheroes have Jewish creators. There was an interesting essay about it a few months ago.

    I think that's what bothered me most about Civil War, actually. You could tell which were the good guys because it was the side Captain America was on.
    • One day, I will read "Kavalier and Clay..." but not any time soon. "Yiddish Policemen's Union" was awesomesauce, and Chabon is great, but his output comes down to jewish [insert word here]. It's a bit like reading more than one Chuck Palahnuik book in succession.

      *waves hands* I am out of the loop, which might be a good thing as good "big events" are few and far between. That - though - is exactly IT - distoptian futures nowithstanding (mostly because I like my doomed futures with chocolate sauce).

      • I found I knew too much about the people that Kavalier and Clay were based on to actually enjoy the mooshing together of the source material, so I only got a few chapters in, myself - although it is a very clever piece with much love shown to comics and pulp stuff in general.

    • Jewish with Polish and Italian creators, coming a close second, actually...
      • Really? I didn't know about the Polish and Italian creators.

        • The Buscema brothers (Sal and John), the Romitas, Carmine Infantino (who co-created the Silver age Flash and was editor in chief at DC when all of their cool, weird stuff started coming out in the 60s and early 70s) are all Italian.

          Steve Ditko and Gil Kane were both Polish - well, Ditko still is...
  • I'm so glad you have All Star Superman

    Issue ten, which will be reprinted in the second collection was the best Superman story I've ever read - so very good that it made me cry, Rachel.


    The Luthor in jail chapter is delicious, isn't it? That journalist who thinks Lois should have a real man is macho asshole Steve Lombard, who has existed in Superman comics since 1973 or so.

    Best line in the volume following this one, apart from Chapter Ten=Perfection? "Where were you - we thought you were dead! There was a wake and everything..."

    Much much lovings to you and pinched faced scowling at your brayne.


    • Re: I'm so glad you have All Star Superman

      OoOoOh! I'm silly, all sorts of strange things make me cry. Mostly in the moving pictures department.

      Luthor in jail rocked and I so loved that shot with Clark in that barge. You could never be certain that Lex didn't know exactly who he had called in for his special interview.

      (Steve Lombard makes me think of my very slight knowledge of the TV Anchor era. Uh, it was another British "annual" with aged content provided by the story with the super-tattooing. *grin* Supergirl and Superman flied around in space and met the Spectre, but that wasn't interesting)

      Lots of love to you too. The brane is dancing on tables right now, so I will leave you and shadowkitty to Superman and ethnic comic creators and join you later (hopefully).
      • Re: I&#39;m so glad you have All Star Superman

        I love the moment just before Luthor shows Clark that he's always had a way of escaping - "Oh and this is Charlie..." and he's indicating a baboon in a Superman costume, there for Lex's amusement and nothing else...
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