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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Mood swings. Joy unto the world. I am fed up with disappointing…

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dief: Dief cry
Mood swings. Joy unto the world.

I am fed up with disappointing people. There is this bright shiny person and it is not me. I know I should quit vegitating and get a damn job. I just have no idea ---

This is getting stupid.

Completely different tack here - google image search does not calm my soul as much as I hoped it would

Uh, does anybody have any pictures of Due South era Dean McDermott and/or Turnbull*?

*(albeit a rather fetching Turnbull who has been moonlighting in gay porn whenever Inspector Thatcher has him courier important documents to the East Coast. It's all a very cunning plan by the arch manipulator himself) How is this less plausible than a reality where Turnbull is Mark Smithbauer's kid brother and top Canadian song writer?

I really should do some writing. Or get dosk to install me Onenote.

Cue return to pathetic. Why don't people tell me what they want?
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