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Today I have much more shiny. So far PLAN: WRITE SMALL THINGS seems to be working as I have 1500 of deeply weird and fucked Hard Core Logo fiction. Yay!

It's not done yet, I need to stay in gear, but two writing sessions in two days has to be good. It's called "15" and it is weird, which is what I normally get out of the random writing gig.

We are talking super extra buzzy weird here. I just need to hold back from telling you guys everything in a torrent of squee.

The almond cake is additively* good, it seems. Unless you are the two people in the house who do not eat almonds, one of whom bought the mix stuff.

I'm hoping I stay this way for a bit, because I am feeling happy and balanced, which is strange but welcome.

The Who thing is on soon - oceans of film montages with bland commentary made compulsory by the big secret. Uh, the less I say about the choices mooted in the press the better.

*firefox spell checker told me.
Tags: hard core logo, squee, writing

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