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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

inevitable response post (spoilers cut - hopefully)

inevitable response post (spoilers cut - hopefully)

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hugh house
Trying to do an intelligent response for the inevitable reaction post.

Currently tied in knots with my (solitary, pre-internet, Doctor Who Magazine reading teenage self) connection with Who and how Confidential does not do it for me to start with. The vague lack of information and too much generalisation are bad enough without the pop montages.

I can (most of the time) forgive sixth-former analyses if there is actual material there for me to engage with instead of specious clips. I knew it was bad when they said the youngest Doctor ever. I tried to brace myself a bit.

What I couldn't deal with was casting an actual pretentious sixth-former with a serious case of soufle thinking and too many "You knows" in any one sentence. And then there is the physical, he looks like a a photofit Tennant and not a particularly convincing one at that. The "Ruby in the Smoke" clips did very little to calm my trepidations; terrifying mockney and moving like somebody who has just recovered from being knocked unconscious. Given "Ruby in the Smoke" his part might just be that.

What is getting to me is that I actually like Moffatt a lot and think he will do smart and clever things with the series and build up to a "big reveal" that makes sense for a change. I can't help feeling like he has shot himself in the foot with this one.

I hear there are rumours that it was an eleventh hour switch of actor, which doesn't bode very well whatever way you take it.
  • I wanted the Marquis de Carabas :(
  • I'm disappointed. I kind of hoped they would go a bit older for a change. Maybe a doctor in their forties. Someone with experience who could do something quite different.

    I also thought he resembled David Tennant.

    It seemed they were going for someone who looked a bit like him and maybe was young enough to imitate him a little.

    Not a good sign.
  • The "Ruby in the Smoke" clips did very little to calm my trepidations; terrifying mockney and moving like somebody who has just recovered from being knocked unconscious. Given "Ruby in the Smoke" his part might just be that.

    Hee! Good point!

    They said he's played opposite Billie Piper -- that sounds like the reason they cast him, really, doesn't it?

    He is cute, but dang, is he young.
    • They seem to be making a lot of it. It could just be the most accessable thing he's been in - you don't want kids demanding post-watershed naughtiness, do you? *eyeroll*

      Sheesh, he's younger than me! When did I get old?
  • I rather liked the look of him, actually. And I really can't see the Tennant resemblance at all.

    I found Moffatt's comments interesting, in that he had been pushing for an older Doctor and this guy changed his mind. Seems a good sign.
    • You don't see it? All dubious hair, gestures and overenthusiasm?

      I want to believe in Moffatt - he's written a lot of the really good stuff.
      • No, I really don't. The last thing I would have thought on seeing him in the interview was "hm, reminds me of Tennant".

        (a) his hair is not an intrinsic part of character or acting ability and in any case is styled nothing like Tennant's (if you can call it styled and not just 'hasn't been cut for too long')

        (b) I found his hand gestures in particular intriguingly odd

        (c) if he wasn't enthusiastic about being cast as the Doctor in an interview filmed for a show all about him being cast as the Doctor, I would be very worried indeed. This again says nothing about how he will choose to portray the Doctor

        His theatre credits are also interesting.
        • I've touched a nerve. Sorry about that.

          This is my reaction based on 15 minutes of uncomfortable television viewing.

          I'm keeping to my decission and staying the hell out of Who fandom until things have calmed down. I might be waiting a long time, but if a Tardis is all it takes... ;-)

          I could talk about my awkward relationship with Who until the cows come home, but it won't do either of us any favours. On a happier note, I got the brother "the War Machines" at Woolies and it was very enjoyable Old Who. Plus, it wasn't in eleventy-one episodes, which is also good. I would be surprised if the kidiwinks didn't scream when Blue Peter told them how to make a Post Office Tower out of corrogated cardboard and loo rolls.
          • No, I'm sorry. *is sheepish* I didn't mean to go all annoyed at you - I've just seen too many posts predicting how dreadful he's going to be and how he'll be just like 10 and how annoying and predictable... and I guess the irritation built up a bit and you copped it!

            I just wish people would wait and see what the poor guy does with the role before they complain about his portrayal.

            Anyway, I too am staying out of Who fandom for the nonce. Not that I was ever particuarly in it so it's not really a hardship :-)

            Nice going finding something worth buying in Woolies - I think the one near me is now officially dead.
  • I've never heard of him...I am just gonna wait and see.
  • Happy New Year

    Completely off topic, I just want to wish you the very best for this new year.
    Yes, I am back online again! :)
    Thank you very much for your Christmas card, I really like the format you use... How were your holidays?
    All the best
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