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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

I think you can guess how operation: WRITE SMALL THINGS is going…

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hcl: joenbilly
I think you can guess how operation: WRITE SMALL THINGS is going lately. It begins with "head--" and ends with "--ache".

It also manages "how the hell do you think this [writing] actually going to work? You're going from Look and Read [uh, British educational programme featuring young people with exciting adventures in wildlife protection and pigeon racing] to getting really odd, ritualised and fucked up". Actually, writing that made it feel a bit better. It's Hard Core Logo and it seems to be turning out John/Billy/Joe (even better _teen_ John/Billy/Joe trying to make sense of the bit with the goat).

I had the "high" and then got to spent several days with the low, not doing terribly much at all. I hate this. I really do. I hate being pathetic, powered by caffeine and possibly the clingiest person on the planet. Thought wise, I've been spinning around quite dramatically.

I've made some progress on the stitchy front, almost all the cross stitch is done-ski and I just have to solve my colour-matching problems. Much to my delight, the ever-wonderful EQ sent me a stitchy gift, so I now know what I am working on next. A Maia Lady with Fan. Maia kits are made of shiny and puppies.

Yes, still need to do photographs as I don't have much the_dosk before the acadmkeic year resumes.

Hey, I'm getting all cheerful and sparkly again! Go catharsis! (and maybe some caffeine).
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