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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Right now, I am reading a SGA AU I found at random because the title…

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mort: hi
Right now, I am reading a SGA AU I found at random because the title is "Norwich" - not the place but the WWII acronym "Knickers Off Ready When I Come Home". Score for my weird brand of general knowledge. The other one I can name in a hurry is swalk - "sealed with a loving kiss" or if you have some gooseberry present "soldiers will always love the king".

So far, NORWICH is amusing me greatly. As I'm only part way through part one, I cannot say much helpful about the whole thing but it is John who is a myopic scientist and Rodney a slightly more explosive member of the air force doing seekrit things. Theysplitupfouryearsago and now there's coffee.

Currently, I am the kind of tired and apathetic that you get when you have been self-medicating yourself with caffeine since Christmas and now you want to get through life with a decent bone density*. *flomps* I still have pictures to post of Sleeping Beauty and Quintus**. Definitely too tired and unmotivated to write, which is a shame as I've begun to get a feeling for teen!hcl.

Uh, what else? Dosk is back at Doskland University, meaning that today is a bbd-free day and mummyfrog is making the best of it with a medical documentary and Mamma Mia! fest.

The black box, my tiny little computer, feels somewhat uneasy because bbd has offered me the new shiny big box (long story - one of his friends decided he would rather buy a new base unit than sit around reinstalling things and not throwing broadband routers in the bin when the nice isp sends you one and then trying to use a dial up modem... !!) and currently I am as indecisive as usual with the black box featuring "mine" and "don't you love me?" I've had the black box about four years and really should do another back-up just in case. *looks for wood so she can touch it*

*my choice of caffeinated beverage is diet coke - as I only do green tea and herbal tea and I am deeply adverse to coffee - and the phosphoric acid content is not good for bone density. I know which way my genes are pointing and I want to stack my odds a bit.
**I sleep with a stuffed giraffe called Quintus - no giggling in the back.
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