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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Hell, I am feeling all druggied and weird and tired and awake and...…

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hugh house
Hell, I am feeling all druggied and weird and tired and awake and... thing... also not myster... [uh, lady marster - *thinks* - I had to think that with you guys around *seesh*] of the keyboard.

So here is a semi-random Who/Torchwood fic of huge fun and low-ish rating:

“You realise that being team leader doesn’t mean that you get to sleep with all of your team at the same time, right?”

“Then what the hell’s the point in being team leader? God, that just sucks all the fun right out of it.”

The Doctor and Jack drink pan-galactic [what a time to lose my Adams] drinks like gold bricks and lemons and have deep and meaningful conversation. It amuseth me greatly and is work-safe and probably gen. apiphile recommended it and now I am recommendending it too.

[wait - I forgot something? - link?]

Top Five by cribbins.
  • Pan-Galactic Gargleblasters. Like having your brain smashed out with a slice of lemon wrapped around a large gold brick.
    • <3 <3 and more <3. Pan Galactic Gargleblasters make the world a shinier place.

      (also - I've been wondering - I can't place the interpretive dance thing - help?!)
  • yay, pan galactic gargleblasters
  • Not unline being drunk

    Doesn't seem so bad, but go and ask a glass of water how it feels.

    Love you.
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