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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

More Joy Day?!

More Joy Day?!

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fraser: I want to break free
It seems that More Joy Day has once again caught me unawares and I can't think of anything to say, which is frankly quite lame. My day was not momentuous and the highlight was finding the cheap cotton so I could grid up the Maia kit in a colour I can actually see on dove-grey fabric.

Gosh dang! I am made of fail.

Well, tonight is Flashpoint on ITV3 at 10pm, which is probably joy bringing to fans of Hugh and fans of Canadian cop shows set in Toronto.

I can't think of anything to say here. Eeep!

15 isn't - I think - done enough for me to go all snippety and share the joy. And I haven't done anything with it since the rewrite of bleh and psychobabble. *sigh*

As "More Joy Day" entries go, this is the suckiest because I really can't think of anything beyond orange lines and half-written fic. Oh, I can tell what give me no joy - the low self esteem bunny which is telling me how pathetic and - now - llama drama this post is.

Thinking of it - can anybody find me some happy-making llamas?

I am yet to have a near llama experience, but can tell you that giraffes like small people with multicoloured sun hats and tortoises are surprisingly muscular and cranky. Well, that and adorable. <3 <3 <3
  • For you on More Joy Day: Llamas! \o/

    The llamas are coming!

    I love people who make llama videos

    Paddling llamas!


    • The paddling llamas are made of win. Wonderful wading win!

      This has really cheered me up no end. Should I ask why you have me in flamingo suits?
  • is my own nearest llama experience (from here).

    Also, my orange cat is quite cranky and generally bad-mannered. And I once met a giant leatherback tortoise who was yes muscular, and adorable, not cranky at all and with neck skin just as soft as silk <3
    • Llamas are happier in pairs *loves*

      These tortoises were small and warm and fit imy hand.

      We went to a reptile rescue centre in Cyprus run by an Austrian known as Snake George. It's one of those things that will stick with me.
  • Buzzy dear, there is no such thing as fail on More Joy Day! Worry not; you bring plenty of joy on a regular basis. *smishes you*
    • *squishes back*

      You guys win, you know that. I just need to stop being a gloomy Gus-ette - oh dear, that was unfortunate. I watched a Dick Tracey serial the other day, the names drove me nuts, Y Stuffem, anyone?

      Teen!Billy is making me very uncomfortable, which is either good characterisation or the product of a twisted mind.
  • I don't know about anyone else, but the words "near-llama experience" certainly made me cheery!

    Buzzy, you already are a bringer of joy, all year long. You were so kind and thoughtful to send the holiday card that you sent me, and your words were so sweet and so appreciated. I posted about it recently, but I don't think I told you this specifically yet. Thank you. It was a wonderful surprise. {{{hugs you}}}

    Edited at 2009-01-15 09:46 pm (UTC)
    • Llamas make the world a better place. Apparently, sheep farmers near here having taken to guard!llamas to protect their flocks.

      *hugs like nobody has hugged before*
  • The only 'near llama experience' so far I had in a Zoo - and not a very close one.
    I am more used to giraffes as well since I am still carrying one around with me every day :)
    What have you done to make a tortoise cranky?
    wish you a good start today and tons of joy
    • I keep a giraffe in my bed, his name is Quintus.

      Tortoises don't seem to like people picking them up and having a look. I understand, I would be cranky too.
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