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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

On the stitchy front - face done about as best as I can get and…

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vecchio: study hard
On the stitchy front - face done about as best as I can get and "buzzy me fecit 2008" stitched on. Beads can come after I've squished Sleeping Beauty. Photographs? Why don't I just upload the things instead of keep forgetting? It looks good-ish.

I've prepped the Maia "Geisha with Fan" kit from EQ and have about fifteen stitches done. xxxx|xx xxxxxxx|xxxxx *is proud*

The writing brain keeps on hinting I should do some Vecchio soon-ish. I am getting impatient with myself, but I have salvaged all the plot notes on the last pattern. I know that Ray Vecchio won't go to rehersals down at Symphony Center but will be resolute and buy an essential item of plot significance (after leaving a note for Stella after the angst, drama and issues of the previous night) and thusly Harding Welsh - orchestra conductor - will not be amused by the time Ray, Stella and Sandor crash the cocktail party. His ire will quickly find a new and more suitable direction, and he and his brother - 27 boss Wilson Welsh - will try and hatch a plan, but our heroes have plans of their own and start to wonder where Ray Kowalski has gone...

Let's put that in the thinky brain and see what emerges. I know the Vecchio material needs rewrites - moral: don't write ahead of yourself, or at least, not ahead of major climatic* events.

I just don't know where to focus this burst of energy - to stitch or to write, that is the question. While I think the plot brain has been doing great things, I am still deeply buggy about opening the file and finding teh suck.

*not in a sexual sense - that's the problem
  • Put your physical energy into cross-stitching and meanwhile think about the best way to write your plot idea down :)
    Wow, your message is sparkling with enthusiasm. :) Great to see, hear you like that. It even motivates me to dive into my work ...
    Have a great day
    • It makes a change. *grin* The brane might be soarking but I still want to do things. So stitching with a side of notebook and my special plot biro. I hope you have a great day too and get to do interesting chemical things.
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