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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

This entry is sponsered by "yarrgh!" and "this headache is now in…

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vecchio: hurty
This entry is sponsered by "yarrgh!" and "this headache is now in infra sound" with a dash of "ouch ouch and ouchy". The Brane decided that it needed more exposure and is conducting an advertising campaign. You know you really want new and interesting sensations on your right eye and for pillows to have that just like genuine gravel feeling, don't you?

It's about an 8, just calmed down a bit.

Everything is going out of focus here. Ouch.

American patriotism continues to baffle me greatly.

Also, went over to Canterbury to photocopy x-stitch chart, look at the bunnies (expecially the giant house bunny) and get a new jacket. Not bad until IT came from outerspace to your skull in glorious colour.
  • I wish you a huge bunny that eats away all your brain pain and then stays to be cuddled just by you.
    Yes, the American excitement is interesting to observe. Especially since many Swiss are also Obama 'fans'. Soon the'll start collecting 'Devotionalien'. :)
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