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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

feels like death

feels like death

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vecchio: hurty
This is a really short post - I have spent the past couple of days with an extremely vile headache^ and a filthy cold. Looks Like I am not going anywhere soon. *coughs* I had plans. So, this is serious anti-win going on here. So, currently, buzzy = miserible and/or asleep.

Gruggh! I think I need more vick. Fortunately, I like the smell.

As the parents point out - it is not as if I have actually been out and about lately so where the heck did this come from and can I please not infect them.

^for those of you interested in such things, 8-11 out of 10 with the headache, my sinusses are threatening to divorce me and I want to drink much much much water. The cough is still new and interesting. Glee! Irony! Spluttering!
  • self-generating germs?
  • Hope you feel better soon!

    • So do I!

      Hugging is not advisable.
      • Internet hugs are safe hugs...no need to worry about catching anything. :P Besides I'm studying to be a nurse my immune system better toughen up!
  • Ouch, hope that you get better soon.
    Hmm, perhaps, you should be more out and about to train your immune system ;) I think that these illoyal opportunists want to be challenged.
    You know what? Thanks to Daniel, I have seen my first episode of Dr Who on Saturday. It starred Rowan Atkinson and had many jokes about feces and other stinky stuff in it. Hilarious! I knew directly why you like it :)
    Get well soon *hugs*
    • That's "the curse of fatal death". I would say the show isn't normally that silly - but it would be a lie. How do you feel about farting aliens, giant wasps and [uh, I had this all thought out - insert something silly here]? There is some good stuff amongst the silly - has Daniel set you up with more?

      TCoFD is also the reason I called the other hall of residence "the dorm of reasonable comfort". I like the sofas and the bribes, if you can't tell. Also, I still think Pyrce is a better Master than John Simms. *nods* I can talk at length about people who played the Master.
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