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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Still AFK - and Flashpoint silliness

Still AFK - and Flashpoint silliness

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hugh house
Still drowning in waves of gunk, headache and coughing.

Things continue delightfully.

All the true-crime and animal rescue shows I can eat.

Has anybody done a Flashpoint AU/fusion thing where the gang are Animal Cops? It would be great. Greg tries to negociate the cat out of the tree, [the girl whose name I have forgotten] is on a neighbouring garage roof ready to "solution" the whole matter with a dart gun, Ed is in the truck using the critter!cam* and being strategic. The blond newbie just let the neighbour's dog into the yard (because "fluffums wants to help, yes he does!") and the dog is now trying to work out the calorific content of his leg versus kitty-cat.

*I had a pussy!cam, but that is open to misinterpretation and kitty!cam sounds plain weird. Rather like the way everyone on Animal Cops [some strange city] talks about "momma dogs". *headdesk*
  • I still think pussy!cam would have been worth typing...

    ...but I've been listening to those 'Round The Horne's and they're ladenwith double entendre.

    Cuddles for mucous-y Bees.

    • Re: I still think pussy!cam would have been worth typing...

      I thought you would like them - it gives me warm and happy feelings inside. "Ah, lotus blossom" very badly phonetically typed is what my mobile displays when it is turned on. You may be the only person who appreciates this.

      I need to get back on my riding roll. homophones!

      I need to get back on my writing roll. Just not right now. At some point could you read it for Canadian points. It's hard to explain, so it's going to wait until I've finished the whole "short" story thing. "famous monsters of filmland" and uncle forry get mentioned, partly characterisation and partly artifice

      (William is not quite what he seems - nobody is - but he's everything those around him want to believe about him... I shouldn't try and explain this thing, I've already tried to explain it to bbd today and it's hard to do without the whole thing a) to hand and b) to reinterpret with fannish knowledge and a dose of classic sf short stories crossed with Stan Lee and gratuitoius

      I should not be allowed to spell right now - I'm trying to convery the "dark undercurrent" wihtout resort to cliche - note how well _that_ has worked)

      John Constantine was in a punk band called mucuous membrain - the way things are it ended up with tentacles and tears before bedtime. Okay, that is pretty much what "15" is like. Hard Core Logo doing dark and messy stuff which you really don't want to know about... because once you do...)

      Okay, rambling getting stupic and brane beginning to tell me how much it likes the screen and making my eyes itch. Really need to show you my stitching sometime - if that is not a non-sequitur

      huge short-armed snuggles, joe
      • Re: I still think pussy!cam would have been worth typing...

        "ahhhhh Rotus-uh Brossummm!" I loves me some Kenneth Williams.

        Famous Monsters isn't a bad reference because EVERY hard rock or punk rock band I've EVER known has had a member who was a hardcore Forry nerd.

        • Re: I still think pussy!cam would have been worth typing...

          Cary On Don't Lose Your Head is beyond roads.

          Beyond words.

          Stupid homophones.

          OMG! That is so very cool and appropiate. Hard Core Logo could really have a hardocre Forrest fan! Except the bit where they are fictional - oh yeah - wouldn't count on that for too much longer, they can't wait to rewrite the world. Quantum physics, a hacker/phreaker and an interest in the occult and they edit themselves into who they want to be. Like I said, there's some sci fi under the bonnet somewhere. Missing records and forgotten loopholes all vaguely investigative...

          heading to the big splash page where they turn out to be living in the bottle city of kandor or sentinent dolls. ;-P You're one of the guys who can call this one and I look forward to when you put the pieces together.

          Honestly, this talking is making me so much haapier (pappyer?), I'm actually cheerful. Very cheerful
          • As usual, postcript rambly, longer than post. - Re: I still think pussy!cam would have been worth t

            "Infamy! Infamy!!! They've all got it in f' meee!"

            I am so glad I make you happy, Bee.

            That makes me a whole lot happier, myself.

            PS: I finally figured out why "Fryin' Ta-niyyyht!" is as funny as it is in context, in CARRY ON SCREAMING - but as that's not a sign that we ever see over here it took a while for me to get it once I had seen some old photos of some shops. Rather like when you were reading the Canadian "eh" (which rhymes with "way") as "eh" (which rhymes with "meh"). It's like when I read old Silver Age Superman comics and saw them saying "Um.. er..." and realised that what that "er" was, was the way one spells "uh...".

            Edited at 2009-01-29 10:25 pm (UTC)
            • Re: As usual, postcript rambly, longer than post. - Re: I still think pussy!cam would have been wor

              *squishes and hugs* Any cheering up is greatly appreciated.
  • Oh God I know that my ovaries would explode at Greg and Ed snuggling a rescued kitten to make it feel better.
  • OMG, I'd so read that crossover!
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