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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

No business like snow business (hey, how can I not pun this?)

No business like snow business (hey, how can I not pun this?)

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mort: hi
Snow again, with delightful forecasting for next week. I thought you would all like to see my house* in the snow.

dover castle in the snow

The picture is courtesy of bbd (big bad daddy) and it's Dover Castle. I'd say more, but everything is coming out jumbled with the branehate. Ouch on a stick. Star spangled ouch. Ouch a la mode. / headache whinging

*Okay, there might be some license taken here.
But (hopefully) we're going to look around the tunnels underneath tomorrow. ETA: sharing tunnel love in the comments - In the end, it's ♥
  • I recognise that castle! I found the tunnels really fascinating, although absolutely the coldest place ever, even though it was a really hot day (also we maybe ran away from the people who were trying to implore us into a corner so that they could film us for "Street Doctor" because, ew)
    • There's even a nuclear bunker underneath Casemate level

      A - Annex - WWII hospital
      B - Bastion - WWII left in a hurry and possibly collapsed
      C - Casemate - original C18 barracks and WWII comand centre
      D - Dumpy - WWII American command point and nuclear bunker
      X - Just chalk
      X - No royal hide out!
      X - Chalk
      E - Esplanade - Public shelter and mushroom factory

      I was in archaeology club at school and they let us into Dumpy, which is absolutely useless as a nuclear bunker because it is made of porous chalk and there is not enough fuel to keep positive pressure going (but I doubt they told local govt that as it ended up their secret hideout).

      That's just one area of tunnels (as I'm sure you know) and they are still sending potholers down random holes as they are still finding more tunnels! I did a thing for Uni about the Castle and the nice custodian told me they had pot holers surfacing in a fireplace in one of the Napoleonic magazines.

      Local newspaper says they have opened more tunnels! I love tunnels and crazy ways to kill Frenchmen with earthworks. Once you work out the earthworks around the castle they are amazing. I get very excitable.

      Edited at 2009-02-07 07:17 pm (UTC)
    • Street Doctor is strangely fascinating, but I never knew they were in the area*. I wouldn't volunteer either, though.

      *this is normal in Dover, woe betide anybody actually telling you about events/interesting stuff before it's over. Why should we want to know about community art progects, badly scheduled Dickens festivals of fail, etc?
  • This has nothing to do with castles

    Did you ever get to watch DEADWOOD?

    I'm watching it again and I want to talk about it with someone.
    • Re: This has nothing to do with castles


      (it goes without saying, I like talking to you about anything)

      ETA: Fleisher (sepelling broken) Superman cartoons and other strange stuff in the televisual gucken-thing. *prods brane*

      Edited at 2009-02-07 08:28 pm (UTC)
      • I hope your brayne hurts less, very soon (Re: This has nothing to do with castles)

        Fleisher Brothers SUPERMAN cartoons are the only depiction that I really like, outside of comics, of the character, although the 1950s TV show is a remarkably faithful version of the character as he was being done *at the time*.
    • I hope my brayne hurts less, too (Re: This has nothing to do with castles)

      Lois Lane - actually smart and pretty - seems to be doing a lot for me. There are a couple of channels over here that show incredibly random content - soundless Felix the Cat, educational shorts about electric eels, *scratches head* I saw a lot yesterday and I'm sure it is expanding my mind. That said, have seen Fleisher bros Superman before and it rocks my socks and there are all the neat little things like shadows that get bigger/smaller and all those fun things with zoom and the great splash pages (uh, screen, the style is very good).

      Maybe I should check if we still have some of the crazier cartoon videos rumbling around. The bugs bunny where the guy from Arsenic and Old Lace turns up - I was pretty baffled until I caught some of AaOL. It's the smarts of the stuff that I like. Oh yeah, and Popeye cartoons - I forgot how smart they were. "I may be a shoitie, but I now how to poitie" is glee-making. I just wish they would schedule the stuff rather than just "an hour of classic shorts and educational films" (that said, the one with the Hoppy the Bunny and his Friend drawing crayon pictures and needs to be shown to - uh - people who deserve the pain of... well, it. Random. It was okay for the first minute or so, because girl + house bunny + a table with a little bunny ladder = awesome; but then you get the narrator. Ugh. This makes "talking down to children" seem rad and edgy)

      I needs them to show some 1950s superman - I've seen enough picutres of George Reaves to get more than a little curious.
      • Re: I hope my brayne hurts less, too (Re: This has nothing to do with castles)

        Fleisher Lois *is* VERY resourceful. *My* Lois Lane is actually Hildie Johnson the way she was played by Rosalind Russell in HIS GIRL FRIDAY opposite Cary Grant. I think she should be like that or a lot like Margot Kidder, actually.

        There's this beautiful Mort Weissinger quality to the 1950s SUPERMAN show - it's like he's continually winking at the audience at how stupid the rest of the Daily Planet staff are for not figuring out his game. It *feels* like a 50s-60s Superman comic book story for that reason alone. You half expect Mr Mxyzlptk to show up as an animated character in the live action 1950s SUPERMAN.

        I am happy that you like old POPEYE cartoons. I have a deep fondness for the Sailor Man.
        • Re: I hope my brayne hurts less, too (Re: This has nothing to do with castles)

          Have I seen HGF? *thinks* No, that was Father Goose. TA is a big Cary Grant fan and she was the person in the dorm of doom with a television and dvd player and... sometimes I liked things she thought I would hate, which was always amusing. The ghost and Mrs Muir makes me cry, a lot. Not that it is terribly hard to make me cry. I can't think of a more ideal Lois off the top of my head.

          I have to ask - who is Mort Weissinger? Sounds like a good time. I'm beginning to wonder now if somebody creative could construct a Mr Mxy--- (I am in awe of your ability to spell that) episode as in the Flying Dinosaur versus Zepplin style. It would be worth watching.

          I know you love Popeye. It was "Ali Baba and the 40 theives" and it was complete and utter gold. People seem to forget that cartoons were smart and knowing long before Shrek (and he still doesn't do a huge amount for me, which is probably why I only watched the first one htourhg). By people I mean publlic commentarots and even film critics who should know better and use it as lazy shorthand for not boring the responsible adult to death. They also seem to under-rate silliness and fun when it comes to anybody over the age of nine-ish - like the silly and fun organs shrivell up and die at puberty.
          • Re: I hope my brayne hurts less, too (Re: This has nothing to do with castles)

            I think you'd also like POPEYE MEETS SINDBAD [sic] THE SAILOR - another excellent, long form Popeye cartoon with excellent Olive and Wimpy bits in it.

            HIS GIRL FRIDAY is VERY funny - breaks the 4th wall all over the place too - at one point Hildie's new fiance, a nebbish, is compared to "that guy, you know - the one who always plays nebbishes in movie comedies - Ralph Bellamy" - and who plays the fiance? Ralph Bellamy.

            Mort Weissinger was the editor in chief at DC comics in the 50s & 60s - known for the sillier period in that company's stuff. Stories about Jimmy Olsen being forced to marry a gorilla, red kryptonite making Supes into a strange ant-creature - stuff like that. It was Mort who discovered that if you put a gorilla on the cover of a comic book, and then alternated the titles that had the gorilla appearing on them, that the sales would go up by 30%. Hence - a LOT of gorilla stories.
            • Re: I hope my brayne hurts less, too (Re: This has nothing to do with castles)

              Gorillas tend to do that. Kid in library with local zoo leaflet having conversations between the tiger and the gorilla yesterday, it was very cute when I wasn't trying to get the computer to play ball.
    • Re: I hope your brayne hurts less, very soon (Re: This has nothing to do with castles)

      ETA: how do you feel about bunkers and tunnels? I really dig them.
      • Re: I hope your brayne hurts less, very soon (Re: This has nothing to do with castles)

        I get a little claustrophobic when I start thinking about how much ground is over me in those places - but yes, they're cool.
      • I had a smart title then it went away

        Dover Castle has 7 1/2 miles of tunnels and those are the known ones, not the mythic tunnels from a couple of churches and to the C18 earth fort on the other side of the valley. If it was real, it would go through the local water table - Dover town is notoriously soggy.

        *squishes claustrophobia* One day, I will show you a hundred ways to kill a Frenchman and why I love earth forts, even if the local council managed to bulldooze the only double caponier in the country. (Which is pretty much up to its usual high standards - like bulldozing a building the night before it was about to get scheduled^. Ha! I moan about everybody telling me about it - and how I am too young to remember that - and then I start telling you.)

        I've been in a nuclear bunker (unlike under the Castle), it was a working example and very roomy and I just have tunnels on the brain right now.

        ^Yes, h2g2 is based on real events, they really do keep planning documents in a basement in a disused lavatory marked "beware of the leopard"
      • p.s. urgent-ish?

        p.s. steevegreen needs a hug and I don't know how to... I'm being rather english and don't know him well enough but I don't know how to say it and not just add to the sad and trample over things with good intentions. I get the ache, I just don't know how to be articulate and hugging with it.
        • Re: p.s. urgent-ish?

          Answered this one in a private message.

          Thot you'd like to know - Bruce McD was in the shop looking for WATCHMEN (which he bought) and SCOTT PILGRIM (which is hard to get in stock - damn you ONI!) just on Thursday.

          When he was developing PONTYPOOL he came in looking for old classic Marvel 70s horror reprints - WEREWOLF BY NIGHT and TALES OF THE ZOMBIE in Essential trade form.

          Edited at 2009-02-07 11:02 pm (UTC)
  • Looks nice, really, but it snowing for ten hours here now and I'm so sick of shovelling ::head desk::
    • Snow mostly gone but back again tomorrow.

      Of course, we respond to that with characteristic British reserve mad panic and not enough salt.
  • Ooo! What a great house you have! (or SHOULD have)

    I love tunnels...I love heights too. I think maybe I just love anything not at ground level. :) Sounds like fun!

    (You are the first postee upon my glorious return to the internet!)
    • I love tunnels...I love heights too

      You'd like it - I just got back from touring the underground hospital there. *points to diagram further up comments* We had never been in there, so it was really interesting and it smelled. Seriously, the kitchen section smelled of gravy granules. And then we went up Admiralty Lookout, which is high. No photographs in tunnels. /o\

      (may your return be glorious!)
  • Great photo! The snow is a pain but it's really pretty *g*. And is that your dad in the icon?
    • I hope that is not a serious question, it's Mort the autopsy guy from due South. He likes opera.

      The castle looked faintly peculiar today, as there was still ice on some slopes and others were clear and green.
  • SNOW. I'm a little envious.
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