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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

this post is about cross stitch

this post is about cross stitch

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hugh house
Hello, self explanatory title.

Today has been interesting - the headache isn't high on the ouch scale but the wonky balance feature has been working at full strength. So why I might not feel that bad, I'm - well - wonky. And tired. And inhabiting the couch, watching real crime and Holmes on Homes. (Me? Addicted??? Of course not! I just know the schedule and book in advance. Nothing worrying!)

Anywhichway, this kind of put me off doing anything.

So, it took me until this evening to fish out the stitching. Tio understand this; I am a petite gridding evangelist. It's what works for me and makes things a lot easier. Only, today I found out my centre line was wrong. The only upside is that I wasn't quite stitching out from the centre, just the nearest big mass, so all I have to do is undo 14 stitches and move about eleven grid lines over by one (and check and check some more). Hello, silver lining! No hiding under the bed for me! I'd already had two bigger problems where I ended up unstiching about a metre of thread. Now, that was a pain.

And once I've got to that, I'm not sure I have much to tell. "Work" has been suspended another month, I shouldn't be surprised, it happened last year. It's just cut my "getting out" opportunities by - uh - most of them.

So, yeah, boring post.
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