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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Thanks to bbd's ninja ironing skills, learnt from Grandma who loves…

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kowalski: pinboard
Thanks to bbd's ninja ironing skills, learnt from Grandma who loves ironing, we have got most of the creases out of Sleeping Beauty. So, now I'm beading. I think the beading needles's tiny eye might just kill every needlethreader I own and then some more. Sharp, bendy and plain awkward.

I bead with cross-stitch. It might be overkill, but the result look nice and secure. Bring needle up, add bead, do \ stitch, bring up the next hole and do / stitch. The trick is to part the double thread so it lies on both sides of the bead.

That's about it for the day, but I'm hoping to make rice pudding in the crockpot/ slow cooker tomorrow or Saturday.

We have the technology, we can cook it. /dork

  • Mnnn rice pudding... I loves me a rice pudding. Tell me you add raisins.

    I remember the night my mum was so overworked she forgot to add the sugar - everyone round the dinner table spontaniously made a spit-take.

    You aught to get a Facebook membership, if time and brayne allow.
    • No rasians - can't spell them ;-) I think you're talking about saltanas though, they're plumper and jouicerier. Might be able to do you a nutmeg

      (eating grapes, that help?)

      Ouch. You should try the Turkish stuff, it's amazing. All your sweet dreams fulfilled. I don't know what it was, but it was gorgeous.

      I try to keep the internet me and the real me seperate. I might be paranoid, or that's what they tell you. ;-)

      • "I try to keep the internet me and the real me seperate."

        Just telling you I wish I could talk to you more often...

        " I might be paranoid, or that's what they tell you. ;-)"

        Well, they *would* say that, wouldn't they...
        • late ETA: one day, I will bake you a cake! Probably a victoria sandwich, though I haven't done any belgians for yonks! Oh, and we still have some chocolate french mix - really useful when only two people eat the stuff and they're trying to loose weight. *headdesk*

          I know I would like to talk to you more often - I just want to keep my stranger interests away from my real name. That and I won't sign up to a system that won't let me seee inside first.

          • You may have already seen this:

            Pontypool promo vid

            • Re: You may have already seen this:

              Everyone on the excahge must be on the internets.

              Sadly, rice pudding ended up orange and peculiar.

              It was like the time I dissolved a lamb hot pot.
  • This may be a redundant suggestion for you, but what helped me bead many things (and yes, I've beaded an entire belly dancer outfit) is a magnifying glass that is desk mounted. Saves your vision and prevents eye strain headaches. :)
    • An entire belly-dancing outfit?! I am in awe. Seriously. Wowzers. *pokes 3sq in of little bead spots* That's just plain huge - really... yeah *lauds you from the highest steeple she can find*

      Really good suggestion - I can fish out the lamp/mag combi thing. *snort* The sort of thing you find draftpersons using. I wish I could get back into archaeological illustration, but that would entail a serious escellation in work. I mostly type reports these days. Never let my boss know that you can type, even if it is only four fingers at a time.
      • I never knew how much those tiny glass beads weighed until i put it on. It's a work out just to wear the outfit.

        Yeah that's exactly the thing that might help you. Save your eyes! I used to get hella headaches from beading "in the dark" as my sis used to call it.

        You were an archaeological illustrator? WOW! You have so many talents i didn't even know about. :)
        • Yikes! It makes it much easier to see, now I just have to fight with the needles - they are a hell of a pain and unthread themselves a lot and are a bitch to thread.

          I'd never thought about how heavy these things get, until I saw a 100% beaded piece weighing three pounds. That was scary. It's here but you need to scroll down a bit.

          That might be overstating things a bit much, I worked on inking section drawings into a publishable state. And fill patterns - all done with rulers and set squares.

          Somewhere along the line, I caught patience. It's beginning to fray a little. Bloody needles.
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