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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

beads and books (now with huge eta)

beads and books (now with huge eta)

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hugh house
I'm feeling rather numb here, right now.

Have been beading Sleeping Beauty and finally sorted my "what if I run out of beads?" trembling anxitey. Go Google and product codes. I got the first tube from a garden centre (garden centres selling craft supplies and seed beads aren't normal and this is not the promissed land) and they are gorgeous. Very goreous. I didn't realise how much it would change the thing - much more oomph.

Yesterday was not brain friendly and today feels like the hangover from hell except the bit when I haven't drunk that much alcohol. To qoute a cliche - buzzy is tired of waking up tired.

I've spent some time wondering where my copy of "Stories for Eight-Year-Olds" had gone. The reason is the "Silver Dish and the Transparent Apple" which I googled about five minutes ago and got an Arthur Ransome (the "Swallows and Amazons" guy) version here, which is all well and good, but not the version I read. There the sisters were repeatedly described "evil crows" and the ending wasn't so sacharine and more vengeful.

If you didn't know - I like this kind of thing. I have a copy of "the Little Bookroom" somewhere and wish I had the "35th of May - or Conrad's Journey to the Southern Seas". Uh, they don't really share a venn diagram except possibly for things buzzy likes. More on subject - fairy tales are a big influence on me and I had this connection as soon as I started reading Angela Carter.

Uh, "the 35th of May" was a book by Erich Kästner that lurked in my school library. As far as I could tell, I was the only person to read it in the last twenty years or so. It's very good but impossible to relate without mentioning a roller-skating horse, avey-avaunt and the wonderful Little Parsley. Written in 1931 - with the Nazi's less than amused - Parsley's skin is checkerboard as she has an African father and a Dutch mother.

I like the 35th of May a lot. I wish I'd asked the librarian for it when I left for uni. Expecially as the librarian's successor - I heard - got rid of a lot "unsuitable" books, including all the Pratchetts.
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