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Uh, I felt sparky this morning and now the headache is getting up close and personal. It's not too big on the pain (yet) but I am getting all fuzzy and hard to understand. Looks like vague wasn't soley due to my old meds. *slumps*

Better news: I figured out what story element didn't work in Poet, which is cool and maybe something I can spin off. Uh, that's it.

[For people who like writing blather and don't mind my failure to get down and do some - It's all about Irene Zuko, the Harley Davison lighter Tony bought Ray V for Christmas, and Louis Gardino's red Road Runner going up in smoke. Now, putting it like that makes it sound really good. Some of that is backstory in Poet - some more of it was a Vecchio-scene that just didn't work and was plain confusing. Five words? "I'm Cold, Warm Me Up".]

I seem to have residual sparky somewhere.

Sleep sounds good. Perhaps I shall vegitate on the couch. Food. Pills. Mike Holmes. I might be a little woozy in here.
Tags: brane, headaches, plot bunny, writing angst

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