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It's a comics post!

The b, she say "Aha!" when she reads an Interview with Grant Morrison:
I haven't had any interest in science fiction since a brief but inspirational teenage obsession with the 'New Wave' generation of Moorcock, Ballard and Ellison.

MMmmm Moorcock.
Number of Brit-comic-writers with a Moorcock obsession I know of: 3.
Number of insects with a Moorcock/Jerry Cornelius obsession: 1.
Arghhh! I'm outnumbered! But who cares?
Interestingly, like Alan Moore (Moorcock inspired brit-nut#1 - currently has a Moorcock script running in Tom Strong - *fangirls wildly*), he claims to be a magician. *Sigh*

Maybe I should tell you all who Moorcock is. But then, why? Just go looking for the Jerry Cornellius books and blow your mind.

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