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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Guess what I was taking the year of the buzzy!crash. Heart Pill to…

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hcl: billy reads
Guess what I was taking the year of the buzzy!crash.

Heart Pill to Banish Bad Memories
Interesting - it might explain - well - quite a lot of things.

Other than that, does anybody have the pictures of teen!Hugh knocking about? It's a 15 thing. I am crazy enough to want to fake a zine before I even finish the damn story. *groan*

By 2005-06 things had started to get really interesting regarding the headaches and the pharmacology got interesting too. Beta blockers to redistribute blood in my head. I think. The whole period is just fuzz. Ask shadowkitty migaira and tazzio what a fun person I was. At least I think it was the pretty purple tablets - surprisingly, I can't remember anything vaugely specific. Which is probably a good think, because generic memories are more fun than glassing Billy Tallent. Uh, that doesn't work, whatever the narrator of 15 thinks. Let's try that again more fun than hiding in the dark, living on chocolate and goodwill and be woken up to go to dinner.
  • I remember the purple pills D:
    • evil?

      trying to cheer up dS fandom singlehandedly is a bit hybrisitic? y/n

      agh! spelling. At least I have something to blame for the holes in my head now.
      • Evil!

        Is it bad that I find ds fandom's recent misfortunes hilarious?
        • Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil!

          Uh, I have no idea. It's probably better and healthier than my policy of hiding under beds/beaded needlework projects. Just need to jump on the curiousity before I piss myself off for the next two weeks.
  • Brain chemistry is so freaking bizarre. I swear, in a hundred years people will think of current neuroscience/pharmacology/psychology akin to phrenology. The whole experiment sounds alarmingly like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, except with less Dustin Hoffman.

    It's an interesting question: clearly our unpleasant experiences are part of what make us who we are, but where's the line between "past that made me stronger/different" and "holding me back from doing what I'd otherwise do"?
    • Seesh. Throw in some of the specialists I've seen "we don't know what causes headaches, so we are going through a list of medication until we find one that works" and that was one of the good ones.

      Leeches. Humours. Spinach.

      Our newspaper precis-ed Eternal Sunshine just so everyone understood. *groans*
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