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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

And left you in the rec-age

And left you in the rec-age

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fraser: I want to break free
For people who go Ray/Ray or "wtf? wank" and hide under their multifannish rock - a delicious respite, sionnain's Scarlet Dreams is a must. Seriously, I had to stop to laugh - and may the sound of mating gerbils be forever with you. (not kidding)

More fun than the Duck's comedy club, more lurid than Fraser's serge, and weirder than Turnbull's lace doilies.

Go! Read! PG 13! Sexual tension! Home furnishings!

I want to say something about curtain!fic, but that would be cruel and unusual and this is whole galaxies better than anything with curtains, especially the Sentinel stuff.

uh, the title of this post? Quoth the great St Hugh, "passing out and left you in the rec-age" (Look Away, I think) What do you mean he isn't saying that, genuine metatextual references! Also, I told bbd about Hugh Dillon and the "gay icon" thing.
  • Two things:

    - Bruce McD is working on something in post production - he was outside the digital theatre across the street having a smoke about half an hour ago and waved when we made eye contact.

    - Just had a long conversation with a friend about what I perceive to be the specifically Canadian acting style - something that approaches UK tele-realism and that Americans always feel is somehow a little flat as a result. I'd love to go on about this with you sometime, but as you know my hair is on fire continually with the busyness these days.

    Buzzylittleb-s kick rightous head-hurty ass.

    • Re: Two things:

      * OOOOOOOOOoooooOOOOOooh! Did he have his hat?

      * my hair is not on fire, but significantly shorter. Things are quiet here. Too quiet. *giggles*

      *kicks ass*
      • Re: Two things:

        Bruce always has *a* hat - the one he's been wearing lately is his black stetson, as opposed to his straw one.
        • Re: Two things:

          I'm still in my sherpa hat, which doesn't do much for my aspirations towards maturity. It's multicoloured with tassels and earflaps.

          I think you would be crazy to wear a straw hat here, let alone somewhere with proper snow. Is it keeping its shape okay?

          Have I ever introduced you to the phenomenon of the scared stetson? (it's a due south fangirly principle)
          • Re: Two things:

            Tell me about the stetson, rach...
            • I think I might regret this (and have been typing for your entire lunchbreak)

              There is a theory.


              The natural state of Fraser is running after criminals, right? Mostly in absolutely ludicrous ways - he does a handstand on a rail and then drops and lands perfectly, he jumps off the roof of a very big warehouse into "the lake they call Michigan", he can speak modem.

              There are sundry examples, more reality-bending when Paul Gross is let near the script.

              The one commonality - he's in uniform. So, uniform = superpowers.

              Except. He gets beaten up in the uniform, falls off the side of big glassy (Toronto playing Chicago) buildings...

              Watch carefully - there is a commonality.

              This is the principal of the Sacred Stetson. Bad things happen to Fraser if his hat is lost/destroyed/not on his person. There are some very good examples of this, although the "she shot me in the hat, Ray" scene is my favourite.

              It's such a popular fan-theory because it works. It's fanon - fan generated "canon" - and pretty much every dS fan can look and go "He's lost the hat, he's going to end up tied to a chair with only Diefenbaker to save him via Inuktuit voice commands". Likewise, mafia (Ray's schoolday rival) can beat him up (and pretty nastily too) and Fraser does not have his stetson.

              Fraser is, understanbly attached to his stetson, it's the stetson that defines him as a mountie, whatever else he is wearing. So the Season 3 opener (burning down the house) starts with a very exciting persuit of a "litterbug" ...

              (Okay, every season starts with a very exciting long distance multi-day persuit. Fraser gets his man (typically damp and messy) and drags him into the outpost. I think this is how Fraser gets his kicks - arresting for "littering" read dumping nuclear waste and "overfishing" read fishing with dynamite)... this is pretty much "fanon" - Fraser always understates what he is arresting for. Yes, it happens in canon - three series openers - but the key word here is "always". That's fanon.)

              ... he's wearing his Stetson, otherwise he looks like any other crazed guy runnning around in too much plaid. Mountie = hat and hat = Mountie. Hat = "super mountie".

              [Okay, you must be getting bored and - sheesh - there has to be an easier way to explain this. I probably have a link on my own computer... *runs to check delicious* *screams at delicious* I hate it when sites restrict key functionality/ content from people who haven't singed everything away... all I want is the sacred_stetson. Grrr... appologies for growling and spelling]

              There is a "sacred stetson" story - Beyond Embarassment. To say anything elese would insult your intelligence and - anyway - will be just as inept as the preceeding explanation.

  • I have been reading almost nothing but Ray/Ray recently :D
    • Yummy yummy yummy. I know there's a couple bog ones I haven't read. Unfortunate sentence, eh?*

      *help! I'm turning Canadian!
  • <3333! Thank you, sweetie. I'm so glad you liked the story, and thank you for the rec!
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