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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

howdy! (almost entirely about stitching)

howdy! (almost entirely about stitching)

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hcl: billy bent mirror
Uh, not a lot to say except I have had the same medium headache following me around for the past three or four days.

Also? Could somebody re-educate the pharamcy assistant about how the_dosk reacts to artificial colours. Baseball bat and uniform will be provided to the sucessful candidate.

The beads I ordered for stitching arrived! I might have been a little over-excited. I'm going to talk about what and where once I get a picture up (yes, I know, install my camera and...) but I slightly underestimated what 100 grams of sead beads looked like. Uh, that's lots of teeny tiny beads. And then I got about 50 grams in several different purple/violet based shades so I could hopefully get at least one colour that goes. The cool bit is that I got them from an online bead-retailer rather than in itty bitty little packets from traipsing around Canterbury's couple of craft/art shops. 40 pence/10 grams - not complaining.

I meant to talk about that in an actual stitching post.

So, these people, Creative Beadcraft under "small glass embroidery beads". Two things -- pay attention, prices vary by quite a bit based on what you pick -- look at the catalogue pages before you select anything, there aren't any swatches on the order page -- and, three, find the beading terms list and digest or you could end up very baffled. Descriptions beyond names, numbers and finishes are a little thin on the ground.

History lesson - buzzy bought beads at a garden centre, they way you do. Google is buzzy's friend and very good at tracking down order/item numbers.

Lord help me, I'm going to hell in a handcart infomercial.
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