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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Since there are only 45 minutes of today; good morning, [insert…

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hugh grin
Since there are only 45 minutes of today; good morning, [insert placename]!

Okay, computing for the inept was boring, Angela Carter got finished, I did yet more beading. Exciting, eh?

My weight regain worries might be a little... uh... huh... I seem to fit into more than three pairs of jeans. Currently, pink cords with what might be a slight flare (lopping the bottom off to match my legs does that).

For people with such an interest, vsee is throwing a due south/ six degrees rec-a-thon over here. If you don't go blank in the face of - pretty much everything - go and rec for a good cause! If you do go blank - like somebody wearing pink ex-flares - read the recs. Uh, First One Thing then the Otter is my current highlight. alex51324 does for Otters what [insert metaphor here] - it's good; unique, good and funny. Those of you who have wandered into the fannish sunset that is SGA, might find something they like.

In lieu of actual reccing - Can I just have a quiet word. Find the recs, read the recs and feed the writer. We -writers at large/short - like being rec'ed but it just takes a moment to feedback ("uh, I liked it, shiny" is still an extra smile in the day) and share your love. You feel good, they feel good, and the reccers feel good -- What is wrong with that?
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