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spelling is not my strong point when I'm feeling normal...

I tell myself that just because I am skipping across the internet looking at q-nap frames, doesn't mean I am buying them without the happy little headache hanging between my eyes, and I sure am not buying anything online with the joy of branehate making my life that little bit sweeter.

Still feeling less than great. I don't even feel like stitching (same yesterday), which is not a good sign as is the random panic and the deep thought required to pick foodstuffs and wash my hair. Also, roast chicken is intellectually chalenging.

Flashpoint 10X (the one with the twitchy boy in a red sweatshirt) was good with especial points of win to Ed telling the [bad guy] that he was not going back into the house. All the intense staring was pretty hot too.
Tags: brane, cross stitch, flashpoint, headaches

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