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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Brothers can be amazing, the_dosk has sent me a list of links…

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hugh 4
Brothers can be amazing, the_dosk has sent me a list of links from english_russia helpfully catergorised into "bunkers" and "not bunkers". The best description is "Russian neutrino lab – essentially a very big bunker" showing my brother knows what I like. And that is bunkers. Lots of them. I'm still working my way through them.

Current favourites are:

Last couple of days have been dead and I'm not sure there is a patch when I get better so much as a patch when I feel less awful. When I emerge into the sunlight, it's not so much bright radiant rays from heaven as me staked out in a vegetable plot.

I feel like I should do some writing and thus avoid Cranford and Lost, but when I come to the right time, I feel dead. I really need to get the ball rolling somehow and do something about Poet, 15, "Armando Langoustini is a nice gay catholic boy", and "Sick Transit Gloria Monday", which Joe Dick tells me is one of his solo bootlegs and demands to know where the audio cassettes are. *flomp*

ETA: here's one link I found myself "russian dolls' house", if that is not creepy then... eh? I actually like the two fairy-story panels on the wall picture just before the goat's head. Goat's head.

Goat's head, sacred sacrement, Bucky Haight, Joe Dick. Amazingly coincidental and serendiputious. Lord knows what to make of that. Beyond that "fake a zine" thing the buzzy brane has going before I have even finished 15 and know what I've created.
  • that SITE! *dives in and rolls about*

    also now i want to visit georgia.
    • I thought you might like it. I am an enabler. I read a travelog about the weirder ends of the USSR and can't for the life of me remember anything regarding title etc. Some of the Soviet stuff is majestically weird. Miss Atomic 2008 is plain weird. Oh, and if you can power it with a nuclear reactor, the Russians do - lighthouses, ice breakers, ice cream parlours (hey? What? *silly grin* I'm sure they could if they wanted to).
  • OMG I love the photos!

    Abandoned rail station: yes please. Can I have that delivered?

    Bunker: I must go there. It calls to me. It says, "I will hurt you but bow before my prickly glory!" And, well, BUNKER! \o/

    Dolls' house: ummmm...very creeptastic. I can see putting something like that out front my apt and then getting baker acted and never seen again.

    AND: Goat's head, sacred sacrement, Bucky Haight, Joe Dick.
    The next installment of The Mounted Slayer epic, perhaps?

    (hopes your brain starts feeling better soon)
    • The rail station is just glorious and strangely lush and verdant.

      What is a "baker act" - all I can think of are "baker days", which are "staff training days" now schoolchildren get less excited about a day off at the end of a week. (Baker was the govt. guy who thought them up - not quite as cool as Belisha and the Belisha Beacon, another eponymous device).

      Okay, the sacred sacrement thing is from 15 which is a HCL fic of weird. It involves the night of knife-licking and lsd. The dolls and skulls would fit very nicely into the boys' interesting plans.

      Part of me wants to share and maybe kickstart the thing, the rest of me is in excited "seekrit" mode and wants to blow people's minds. Shut up, Joe Dick. Just minds, I'll leave the rest to Billy.

      (so do I - I've been waiting a long time)
      • Oh whups, sorry: "baker act" is a State of Florida law that allows someone to be put into "observation" for their own safety. We use it as a general phrase meaning "taken away for being a looney". *sheepish grin*

        I vote for "excited seekrit mode"!!!! And I was going to say something about blowing people, but obviously Joe got there before me...can I watch?

        TBH, my motivation for wanting your brain to not hurt is very much motivated by selfishness, because then you would WRITE MORE! But that's really a win-win for all involved, right? *nods*
        • We "section" people (like cops who claim to have travelled to 1973) under the mental health act. *scary hugh grin*

          uh, okay? Joseph, William and John hacked into the universe (with a loaded gun, black magic and high-end math) and remade it with a cool-ass punk band... and didn't get too hung up about who they hurt doing it. The Narrator finds out by sheer chance and is trying to trace things back...

          That would win for everyone. In the words of Doctor Who "everybody lives!" Right now I just want to sleep until the end of life as we know it.
          • In the words of Doctor Who "everybody lives!" Right now I just want to sleep until the end of life as we know it.

            You are my paradox.

            *adores from a non-threatening distance*

  • Ooo, this is seriously weird - majestically weird as you put it above. And molten brick is majestically scary. I used to explore world war II bunkers as a kid, so I get the attraction!
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