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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

coming up for air

coming up for air

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mort: hi
Hello, I've been away from the internets for more than a while and I'm probably not diving back in tonight. I've just been rather out of it lately, and by "it" I mean everything. I just want to sleep. I haven't even stitched the past couple of days.

I can't think of anything I wanted to say beyond was that Hugh singing at the end of the Flshpoint with the courtroom?
  • I think it was Hugh singing at the end, it sounded like his voice, but it wasn't a song I recognised so I couldn't say for sure, and I haven't managed to find confirmation elsewhere yet.
    • I think I wrote "fishpoint" this will amuse me greatly for the next hour or so.

      I'll let you know if I get a confirmation etc

      This episode and the one before? If Ed gets more awesome, I might expl0de. He seems to like facing off lawyers and judges and... itsogood. And tough and compasionate and smart.
      • It is true, I love Ed a little more every episode, he's just all tough and hard, but with a squichy centre.
        • A really squishy centre.

          [now I am thinking about creme eggs

          *curses ubiquitous confections*

          I was in town today and think I can now compare and contrast pricing policies]
          • damn you, now I want chocolate eggs, or ed wrapped in silver foil...it's a hard choice...hmmmm
            • Go with Ed, that way you use calories. ;-)

              PS, vsee says it is Hugh and points to the song on youtube. "Lost on the coast of eternity" -- hugh! *flails*

              Edited at 2009-03-09 10:32 pm (UTC)
              • ooh, awesome, thanks for the link...cause midst the wondering if it was hugh, I was also really liking the song.

                Thanks for the confirmation.
  • I am back at home and got your card! Thank you so very much.
    I hope you soon feel back "in" it.


  • *applies cross-fandom buddy-breathing*

    Yay! She lives! Which is GOOD, okay? Remember that part. :)
  • Missed you awfully

    Seriously, awfully.

    XO for bees.

    • Re: Missed you awfully

      You think I haven't?

      I'm missing you too. Enormously.

      Read some Paul Dini batman over at library, one the colourist Kalisz has serious class and too Simone Bianchi covers *drools* I even wrote the names down to tell you about them.

      Work wasn't bad. Gravel pits report makes me think of Who.

      Every kooky thing on the planet makes me think of you.

      *short arm hug*

      Still love the icon.
      • Re: Missed you awfully

        When I tell you who got me passes into WATCHMEN early you'll think I'm just making it up.
        • Re: Missed you awfully


          Not Stuart or Chip or Ed the Sock?

          Bruce? *clutching at straws* That would be quite unbelievable, actually.

          (Ed watching Watchmen is just a great brainpicture)

  • Yes, that is a new Hugh Dillon song at the end of 1x08 of Flashpoint. I think I read that he wrote the song for the show, and that it is not part of his always-just-about-to-be released second solo album. (Every time anyone asks, for the last few years, it's said that the album is just about to come out. I think the original date for it was 2006.) There is a stream of the song on the CBS website, which may be blocked to people outside the U.S.--don't know. But it has also been posted on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnbG_1X2HxQ
    • "Of the coast of eternity" *loves hugh* So much good lyric goodness.

      Oh god, the album. I had considered that I might have missed it with all my downtime lately, sadly /b\. Hugh, we need that album.
      • I know...but I do see it as kind of a good thing..it's not out, because he's got so much other work and things seem to be going so well for him. On the HDRC website, there used to be a couple of the songs from the unreleased album on the streaming player. I found them a lot less interesting than the first album.
        • Silver linings. Shiny.

          Hugh could read my shopping list and be interesting. (DMC 801, acid-free tissue paper, larger poster tube) I really liked "Sail Away" (listen to news more like cartoons that everyone everywhere plays) pratically hypnotic when it comes to small insects.

          I think CBC radio 3 had another streaming, which was "reel to reel" - a little strange especially the tap dance bit (okay, that's what it sounded like to me, given my powers of mishearing there might be a perfectly logical explanation). Now I have Joe the punk tapdancer in my head - scary. Also hairy.

          eta: I think cbs' little flashpoint/numbers promo is really cute, lord help me.

          Edited at 2009-03-09 10:25 pm (UTC)
          • I actually wrote something about that promo awhile back...how it not only totally tickled me, but how listening to the Flashpoint team saying smart sounding things made me kind of hot. *g*

            I missed "reel to reel."
            • Smart, I like muchly.

              It's lovely and upbeat:
              Reel to Reel
              I was searching for the answer/
              it turns out it's rock and roll

              I hadn't listened to it for quite a bit, so now I am much more grinning than I was. Okay, I think it's all quoteable. Also - good writing music I think. (suggesting that I finally do some writing *shrugs*)
  • I can't say anything about Hugh, but I am sending you a quick ray of sunlight for today.
    Have you caught a cold? When I had one two weeks ago, I went to bed at eight and just slept, t0o...
    Wish you better

    • Sunlight is shiny. I found a pound coin today, that has to be a good something, right?

      Colds, not in the last couple of weeks. I had a vile one a little way back, but that is long gone. I still want to sleep a lot - I'm putting it down to the sun getting up earlier in the morning,
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