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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

in which buzzy is unsubtle and then recs something that makes her much happier

in which buzzy is unsubtle and then recs something that makes her much happier

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dief: Dief cry
So, buzzy's current brane solution is to immerse it in fic, especially fic that makes her giggle and is made of hearts and flowers...

I'm just plain lucky that my main fandom is full of wonderful tallented people who write fabulous tallentful fanfiction. I've been gulping it down the past couple of days, which is a thirst I didn't realise I had.

Anyways, I am going to talk to you about this one fic I've been reading.

First, though, I would like to invite everybody who is currently despairing of drama (or in my case hiding under the table with my fingers in my ears and humming) just to chuck all your unhappiness into the black hole we call... uh... losing my thread a little, there, how about the pit of voles? It's where all that sort of behaviour belongs. So, I really just want to turn off the "drama raid alarm" and come out and get back to normal.

Normal is reading stuff by fabulous writers -- actually normal is everything you want it to be. There's a little concept called choice. Even when life is particularly crappy... okay, talking through my hat on that one. It remains, if you want to keep everything bitter and hurting, you are going to be bitter and hurtful and that's your tragedy, not mine. And the problem is this --- all you are doing is spreading the hurt around and encouraging people to live under tables or behind sofas.

"I call to you, I call to you, but I don't call soft enough..." Len Cohen.


Now for the main feature --

mikes_grrl is posting a fabulous f/k/v serial called Like Cats and Dogs in bite-size daily chapters.

Even better, chapters with a flair for wonderful timing, comic and otherwise, and wonderful pace-setting. To return to "comic and otherwise" -- the constituent parts might sound like an angst-heavy tragedy, there is a wonderful lightness of touch.

Kowalski and Dief's great canine plan has a canon-like mixture of serious danger and magic realism. It could have consequences for Ray's job, but it also has Diefenbaker lieing to Fraser down the telephone. And it seems that Ray might understand wolf very well indeed.

Vecchio is at once broken from Vegas and have the best comic timing ever. He also has the eponymous maine coon, called Mack, and a terrifying level of frankness and an awkward little slice of Bookman under the skin.

Fraser, you can't really leave him out of this (amid the classic due South triangle of confusion, obfustication and lust) and his need to try and stay in control of a world that seems to be flying apart. Not everybody is being particularly honest and the things the boys are not saying speak more than what leaves their lips.

Finally, how can you not love "Look, Ray! Salad bar!"

It's currently at chapter six of eighteen and I'm looking forward to more kooky, angsty and animal-obsessed action tomorrow. I wish I could share more of the fun, but I don't want to spoil you and so much of it is even better in context.

Thank you and goodnight.

If anybody could tell me why an air raid siren goes off in town almost every Tuesday, I would be much enlightened.
  • That is one mighty rec, right there. *is awed* I feel very undeserving of that, but heck, I'll take it anyway! :) Thanks so much for that incredibly kind and positive review of the story -- I hope the rest of it lives up to the hype!

    And I love your definition of Normal: reading stuff by fabulous writers. I can get behind that 100% !

    • You're very deserving - can't wait to catch up.

      It's a slightly undervalued normal until you can't find it.

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