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Okay, so life has been high in drama since I last posted. I don't want to get into this in public. Uh, so, here I am not getting into it in public.

[I would have been tempted when it happened - thankfully, I didn't]

Right now, I don't feel like saying anything.

Computing for the Inept was good today. Sorted tomorrow and going to bake a joint "welcome home, dosk" and "mother's day" cake. Victoria sponge. Yesterday I went to a "volunteer event" and brandy snaps are addictive enough without somebody adding chocolate into the equation.

This is all rather random.

Before things got rather combustable, I wrote a huge wodge of Vecchio material for "poet" and it was the can't stop typing ouija board type of writing. Before, I had generalities. Now, I have 2000 words of mob tragedy - the good stuff - that means I can see where this Vecchio is coming from. I really wanted to burble about it straight after writing - I just couldn't figure out who was going to get the burble.

I just need to get back on that horse and find out where it's leading me.

Otherwise, I now have a reason for Frankie Zuko, or at least a disturbed teenage Zuko who is going to grow up dangerous and... a little psycho. shadowkitty might have a long memory and remember that Frankie she liked so much.
Tags: drama llama, on the inside i'm a poet, ray vecchio

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