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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Things carry on a little cold and I wonder what I have got myself…

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transmetropolitan: suspicious spider
Things carry on a little cold and I wonder what I have got myself into re: "work" as things are very dull and all the up-points have veered off the sides and started coming back the other way.

I got into "the mysteries of pittsburg" and then left it on the reception desk.

At lunchtime, I hit the charity shops (probably the most numerous "sector" around here - we've been copying Grandma's home movies and it is like playing empty shop bingo) and saw this print and it was love. It is wonderfully loud and a bit like Bill Sienkeiwitz (the bit with "eggbeater, eggbeater" in Elektra:Assassin but with more hula girls and less helicopter gunships), it took until I got it home and started cleaning the glass to realise that the white specks were not part of the "look" but probably mould and that somebody got the thing wet and then gave it to the charity shop. I'm feeling a mixture of appaled (hello local institution that owned the thing) and serious fail. To say I'm a little disappointed is like-- hell, too miserible to come up with a suitably amusing metaphor.


It's now living in the outhouse. Short of asking Mike Holmes to fix the mould problem, what can I do?

Co-Worker: you've bought that for the frame, haven't you?
Buzzy: *evil grin*

[Yes, the headache is still there. Fortunately, it is not trying to mash up Leonard Cohen and "the Chinese laundry blues" today. Instead it's doing ouch and more ouch and much schadenfruede]
  • Instead it's doing ouch and more ouch and much schadenfruede

    AHhhh but as I've established, Dief enjoys schadenfruede so you are in good company! And he'll growl and make the ouchies go away! Dief scares ouchies. *nods*

    In all seriousness I hope you feel better for a while -- I know it comes and goes but I'm always wishing for the better to stay as long as possible for you. <3

    I posted an epilogue to the story! Featuring puppies! It will make you smile, promise. :) Wish I could do more for you.

    *gentle hugs*

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