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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Today, well, it was kind of good. Once you ignore the bit that had…

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hcl: joenbilly
Today, well, it was kind of good. Once you ignore the bit that had me up at 7 necking pills and aspirin and going back to bed for three hours, the bit that involved my internets not working, and the bit where I am now getting increasingly out of it. the_dosk says so, I must be.

Today the branehate is bilateral. Two weeks and branedoctor, provided they don't move the appointment for a fourth time.

Okay, point of post is a really good short Hard Core Logo rec:
spuffyduds Destination
Joe/Billy and very dark for Hard Core Logo (who - let's face it - don't do it with the lights on*)

It's good, really good, the Platonic ideal of good HCL mindfuckery. If I were half this good, then I would be pretty pleased with myself.

Head weird, neck hurts, no more typing for today, methinks. Who has the pictures of jailbait!Hugh?

*Uh, that might be a somewhat inaccurate metaphor. *grins at "[Bad username: shadowkitty"]* I'd like to know how this rates against the skullfucking.
  • It always hurts me to read how much pain you are in; I wish I could make it better, or Hugh could make it better, or SOMETHING. *sigh*

    If I could, I would. *hugs*

    • Honestly, comparatively I am much better than I was - it just doesn't stop things sucking.

      *squishes muchly*
      • Yes, I know that feeling intimately well, alas. So we are supposed to be grateful for the comparatively better while still struggling with the things sucking. *sighhhhhhhh* Yep.


  • Aw, thank you, very sweet.

    There's skullfucking fic? Where?

    *pets your poor brain, gently*
  • Yikes. That's really good!
    • You should be telling Spuffy, not me. pppfffft

      If 15 comes up half so fucked up, I would be a very happy bunny.
  • Who has the pictures of jailbait!Hugh?
    You mean this one?
    *Hopes some badass!Hugh can relieve your pain some*
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