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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

silly question

silly question

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ckr: fear is negotiable
What is CKR's eye colour?

*fails at fangirl*

I just can't do the eye colour thing, full stop.

If you can, just tell me.

Teenage!Billy is getting creepier by the second.

And I mean TALLENT* levels of disconnect and a bit more.

This bit is floating right now, it just reveals a little too soon and just doesn't plain fit yet:

In a rusted out car in the corn, X-rays crackle in his cold blue eyes and a William smiles something like an angel. To be human, you need to fall and nobody was there to catch him. He’s stroking his beat-up guitar with masturbatory focus and counting his way back to fifteen

It needs work.

*so shouldn't quote my own output, but it's in wind them up and let them go which _unhurt_ rates as "not nice".
  • The meme said blue-green when I asked, but I think they're hedging their bets.
    • I thought with its amazing eldritch (oblong) powers the meme could bend space time and make CKR's eyes match.

      The X-ray bit is definitely out for now, it needs to be in the second big reveal. I keep rewriting, so the word count is currently rather static, but I think I was working better today, even if I kept losing words all over the place, at least that meant I had to concentrate.

  • Blue-green is about right. They're darkish, for blue, so it's hard to tell sometimes.
    • Cool. I'm not sure where the "ice blue" came from, but it would need serious pumelling to bring it in line with the rest. It's a semi-knowledgable writer/suspense/timejump thing. I might just go for the masturbation thing as this Billy is not fluffy at all. The narrator wants to glass him in the other eye and, really, I'm with him on this one.

      • Some writer who interviewed him said "ice blue," but she was wrong, and we have the high-res photos to prove it. Blue-gray-green they are. :) More opaque than clear, and with gold centers.

        "Changeable" eyes that look different depending on what he's wearing.

        Not that I've, er, examined his eyes closely or drawn them a hundred times or anything.... ;) ;)
        • This comment makes me feel so happy and cheered up. I like having somebody to obsess with in the name of accuracy and CKR. It's not as if I haven't tried looking into his head a hundred times or so; though more often with Ray and Billy (who seems to like making me uncomfortable). I have something like a rash of backstory right now, so I'm not moving forward so much as trying to rebuild the storeys below me in a thunder storm. Joe's coming out nicely and John is John, but Billy - seesh - he's all tricks and mirrors with the nice shrink lady at juvie hall. She really should have read that damn file a bit more seriously...

          dum! da! dum!

          Same bat-time, same bat-channel... progress/unblocking feels very good. I'm tempted to stop doing the (equally must-do) plums of wool on the kooky 60s kit I picked up at a local charity shop. I just sit down and talk for five seconds and chain-stitch suddenly doesn't feel as awesome and firey urge

          [... I think the writing in this box shows why I can't... I'm struggling here warding off maladjusted metaphors and alliteration. I still have tomorrow]

          (I guess that's rather like my hair, which flitters through the spectrum with lighting conditions, the seasons, and shampoo.)
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