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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Hello buzzy-readers! Today's "work" was a nifty collection of dull…

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hugh house
Hello buzzy-readers! Today's "work" was a nifty collection of dull and awkward. Not much to say otherwise except that the kooky 60s fruit-bowl kit is going really well and I have been chain-stitching my plums. Yeah. It sounds like something out of the carry-on movies or maybe something with George Formby*

That's it for news, right now, I still have a plum to finish. Annoyingly it takes me 3/4 of a motif to actually get the hang of the stitch, so I them end up taking it back and doing it again? I know this is crazed perfectionist land - but - it just makes my toes curl. Next time I need to run some herringbone in the margins until I get the point.

*Acid test for Britishness - confronted by see-through panties, do you make a family movie about a down-on-his-luck pidgeon-fancying Lancashire lad and his rise to the challenge of avoiding catastrophe armed with only his ukulele? I still know huge chunks of "You Can't Go Wrong In These" since long ago and far away the_dosk thought they were the funniest thing on the planet, while I was just old enough to get embarrassed by the inuendo

  • I loves me some George Formby.

    Tomorrow: I promise - "the Eartha Kitt story" - finally.
    • Joe! *hugs and hugs and hugs some more*

      I found one I hadn't heard - Mr Wu's An ARP Warden Now! - and I just love the Mr Wu songs a little too much. He sings about the blackout- if you have a chink at your window, you have another at the door.

      I'd kind of forgotten how adorkable George was.

      I look forward to Ms Kitt with anticipation and a sparkly catsuit.
  • I have never, ever seen this guy. Hilarious! :)
    You can't go wrong in all of these ...
    Perfectionist land is lonely and wide, I know. But you know, its oases are worth it :)
    • His output is very interesting. Formby is best known for "When I'm Cleaning Windows" which is ... I don't have words. Also, George Harrison was a very big fan and much inspired. No, I didn't make that up.

      Also, Formby's up there with Allen Turing in the "folks I want to give a happier life through fiction" thing of mine. Hard to explain, but I would rather they were happy somewhere, even if in fiction. I think this is one of my stranger quirks.

      The oases are very nice indeed. The appearance of my plums is much improved! Now I just need to learn interlaced herringbone stitch and get some practice before I start the actual cake-stand (with fruit on, loud sixties fruit).
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