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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Today was "work" and short of some amusing idiosyncracies I don't…

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hugh grin
Today was "work" and short of some amusing idiosyncracies I don't have anything to say about that.

Mummyfrog's birthday, so there has been presents and cake. Schaumkussen are as irresistable as ever. Typing is still a little tricky.

With a run of really pants days, the headache is still doing its thing. Brane!doctor yesterday and had to get out at 6.30 to drive up to appointement. Saw another consultant (it's like musical chairs) who wants me in for an "infusion" of drug x in a couple of months. Still staying on the current brane!pills as she thinks it might be helping with the depression/anxiety angle. Asked what I "understand about your headache" and was baffled as I (and bbd) thought this was a hippy trippy question not a "name your diagnosis" question (which it was).

Went to favourite Chinese restaurant (shadowkitty and migaira know exactly where - it's darn good) and they got influxed with francophone Swiss schoolkids whose English wasn't fantastic. Lack of a common language resulted in meal numbers being called out with different emphases and then quacking. "English ice tea" still bemuses me, but got drunk. Being sensible and mildly sane I just had a pot of chinese tea, yum. Banana fritters. ♥ ♥

Today is "Mike day" because "Holmes on Homes" is on later - the parents are very amused. It's what gets me through work, eh? I can get a little obsessive about things like cross stitch, fanfiction and Canada.

So, buzzy is tired and in need of Canadians who can hang pictures and do a little light demolition.
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