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So not funny

I don't know if it's just the brane being evil or whether it's the miseribles coming out to feed up the brane!pain. I am not a happy bunny. This is getting old fast (okay, it was getting old fast in 2002) and I just want to do something other than vegetate like a vegetable.

I managed to get a couple of hours feeling just fagged out and tired post afternoon retreat to vegetable bed. Unfortunately, the brane is back and feeling refreshed. At least one of us is.

That said, the Mythbusters' meat tenderisation experiments were rather cool. Sunday dinner was incredibly tender pork that would make Jamie's moustache curl.

Also sending much love to the_dosk and much hate to his oportunistic spammer and noisy neighbours. They could do with a little tenderisation - with ball-bearings in a dryer.
Tags: headaches

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