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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Okay, my last entry sounded - well - rather... (so not Miss…

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fraser: lost boy
Okay, my last entry sounded - well - rather... (so not Miss Articulate 2009 here)... cranky, peevish and generally a bit mean.

(if you didn't read it, there's not much to miss)

The brane!hate (currently known as "chronic migraine/new persistant daily headache") has been rather evil lately and, at best, it's rather isolating. I doubt I speak to a dozen "real" people in a week and when it gets bad it's a cage of ouch. The worse I feel, the less I can do and the less I do, the more depressing the whole damn enchilada gets and, depressed, I start getting further and further away from you all. I haven't really been online to converse much, just stopping in to update and oogle some pretty between vegging out and sleeping. Until yesterday, I wasn't together enough to consider doing some stitching (which is normally my "upper" stroke distraction of choice) and when bbd tells me I'm pretty miserible, then you know I'm pretty lousy.

So, there you go, I'm a bit lonely and a bit cranky and fed up with regretting things I don't have much control over. I have all these things I would like to read, starting with some of your sublime fanfiction (hello, mikes_grrl and cycnus and their serials of win, and the incredibly talented dS / Six degrees fandom) and wonderful things you make and do. If I haven't named you, because if I had world enough and time, I'd probably name every one of you. You are great, great people and you just make the world a lighter, shinier place.

Keep shining, love buzzy x x x

[p.s. I haven't been near my email this week, normal service will be resumed one the brane calms down a bit]
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