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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Stitch, Stitch, Buzzy, Stitch your way to happiness

Stitch, Stitch, Buzzy, Stitch your way to happiness

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transmetropolitan: suspicious spider
I'm feeling freaked out right now.

I finally bottled it and ordered myself one of these.

So, yes, freaking out.

Bbd says I have to make my own decissions and mummyfrog is "what? another stitching thing?". I keep telling myself that there isn't much else I spend my money on and I like it very much. Adrenalin, maybe?

[it doesn't help that currently I consider £26 a large amount of money]

[the one thing not freaking me is that my stash is getting rather large]

[oh and the Maia geisha lady is looking very nice lately]

[I am big on the theraputic benefit of stitching. The brane not only hurts and it does bloody hellfire to my inner self. Depression is still part of my diagnosis and the consultant thinks the current meds are treating it a bit. Hopefully. Five days of brane payne and the slough of despond lightened up a lot once I could get my head together enough to stitch. Stitch! Stitch! Buzzy, Stitch your way to happiness]

[I seem to be on a downer, now, so I'm going to repeat my dosage of stitching and my (slightly late) dosulepin dose of scary colourants and synthetic happiness. It's meant to treat the brane, the rest is a not unwelcome side-effect. When it works, at least]
  • I love Ink Circles patterns. I have a few in my stash.

    One of these days you have to take a pic of the Maia geisha and post it.
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