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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

So, the buzzy mental health day/week/fortnight seems to be working.…

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fraser: I want to break free
So, the buzzy mental health day/week/fortnight seems to be working. I just wish I actually planned on being this afk, folks.

I ended up scrapping a huge chunk of writing (from the last entry, a couple of thousand, probably) as I realised it was horribly OOC. [that's out of character] Sadly, I am not writing Joe Dick in an expensive hotel drunk crank calling room service for completely bogus cocktails. I have however now got things that didn't work working in another victory for show not tell.

So, today I went out and it seems to have blown away the cobwebs a bit. I went to Marks and Sparks to do their "penny bazaar" promotion. History lesson - 125 years ago a Polish immigrant called Marks started a every thing a penny business; fast forward and you get Marks and Spencers and every woman in the country owning two M&S bras. They also introduced the pre-made sandwich and food porn advertising. So, really nice promo items for "don't ask the price - it's a penny" (max five per body) and... I was the first person in the queue and got to select something in the store proper for 1p. I now own a really nice green skirt (in the right length! woo!) and pick up a pair of really intense knickers, a coin-purse, a silk scraf and a nice brooch. I had my photo taken and everything.

And that was the start of my really great day, which got greater with a couple of charity-shop finds (hello, tapestry kit, china owl, blackwork kit), a really nice cake from the Polish cafe, looked at the Charlton Centre "arts" complex, and a big bottle of local apple juice. Kent is a good place for apple juice. I also met some bodies and had a natter and demonstrated the knickers to the nice ladies at the Pilgrim's Hospice shop.

So, I finally got out. Feeling a little less great now, but just... woo!
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