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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Last night I had a fit. Nobody needs to worry because I am fine. I…

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vecchio: hurty
Last night I had a fit.

Nobody needs to worry because I am fine.

I just don't want to be the sort of person that uses "btw.... ...but I told you, right?"

Nothing more than a sore tongue and some discombobulation.

As far as I can tell it scared everyone else but not me.

And ambulances make me feel travel sick. This amuses me greatly.

Testy Testy Test Test. As soon as I can actually get an appt with the doctors' surgery.

Prime suspect is the new meds. Treating headaches with epilespy drugs.

So, today I am okay but tired. I didn't realise how bad it had got until parents questioned by hospital people. I just wish I could scare my family less.
  • Please please please please

    I know you are working as fast you can at this, so this is directed at whatever entity that might have some control over these matters:

    Please get well soon.

  • Holy crap. I'm glad you are okay.
  • D: are you feeling better now?
  • I'm glad you are fine now. Hopefully you will be finer soon!
  • Eeeeeppp. Glad you're okay.
  • {{{{{{{Hugs}}}}}

    I hope you're all better soon and they can do something about the headaches and the "fits".
  • I'm glad you're okay. That sounds pretty scary to me.
  • wow. I wish so hard this didn't happen to you- it's not fair! Hope you're okay soon <3
  • *hugs* i'm sorry that sucks.

    P.S. be careful with the epilepsy meds. I've been on those before to control seizures and they make you feel sleepy and unfocused all the time. :(
  • Yeeeek. *hugs*
  • o_O


    I'm really glad to hear you're OK.
  • Oh, man, that is super scary. :/ I am glad you're pretty much okay, and hope it's something that never ever happens again. *sends good medical luck your way in vast quantities*
  • (hug)
    What kind of drugs are those? I really hope that you get better and perhaps need less meds. I am however happy that you feel ok. Give your parents a big hug.
    I nearly feel ashamed to say it in the shadow of such big events: I love to be surprised by your immense capability to increase my vocabulary! Even after a night like this. Wow. Discombobulate is great word.
    Sorry for that.
    Take care!
  • *gently reminds buzzy Brain* Look. This is NOT ON. Please to be restoring proper service.

    Hopefully this will get you a more advanced neuro appointment shortly. Really, all I can say is 'EEP!' and 'Thank heavens you're okay!!!'

  • HUGS. Hope all is set right soonest. Sending good vibes.
  • Suck! Take care of yourself, b.
  • Scary. Glad you figured out what was going on. Sorry that you went through all that. *hugs*
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