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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

I just like to thank you guys for your good wishes and just being…

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mort: hi
I just like to thank you guys for your good wishes and just being there and supporting me.

I came off the epilespy meds and currently I feel a wet noodle.

Uh? I should have phrased that better.

Tired and wonky and not terribly useful.

Things are still a little messed up in here.

Plus, I bit my tongue during the event and it hurts. No halfway serious damage. I have all the parts I started off with.

I have this creeping fear of it happening again and... I tried talking to bbd, but he thinks it was the meds. I don't know what he thinks and he is reassuringest of reassurancitive people.

You know, I was less threaked and fraid when it happened, it's the thinking time that gets me.

*meeps muchly* I need to thinky about something else now. Like mounties, samplers and you guys. <3 <3 <3

  • Just glad that you are alright now. *hugs*

    *hands over a couple of Mounties, a half deaf wolf, and some guys named Ray. Play with them as you please*

  • I have this creeping fear of it happening again

    I think that is entirely natural. Did the medical types make any suggestions about why it happened?

    it's the thinking time that gets me

    I'm not surprised, that would get me too. Uncertainty is the worst thing.

    I'm really glad you aren't more damaged than a sore tongue and I continue to hope that things get better for you. *hugs*
    • There's a suspicion that it was the epilepsy meds the brane doctor prescribed me. I had taken them before, but not on this doctor's watch; but I'm pretty sure that it got some interesting side effects first time around. My records aren't completely comprehensive and this lady puts "medication overuse headache" on anything she disagrees with (even though I came off practically everything over a year ago with no nasty or nice effects) .

      Sorry about the ventilation there.

      *hugs you for being here*
  • I'm totally sending you Callum Cowboy Angel, for as long as you need him.
  • *hugs and hugs*
  • *more hugs*
    If you need a bit of distraction, you can visit Melissa's "The Women of College Hall" facebook-site and let old memories pass by. I hope that at least some of them are good :) Hey, you introduced/initiated me to comics there (except for Asterix&Obelix and Lucky Luke ;) ).
    Yes, get your mind to think about other things - I like it very much when you then type it into your keyboard and I can enjoy it.
    • *more squishing*

      Standing by the shiny lift talking about Smallville and slash. Ad the joy of bad fanfiction.
  • *hugs you tight* hope your feeling better soon.
    • *glomping back* I realy appreciate the support - the whole caboodle gets lonely and issolated. Hugs are better than pills.
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