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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

I've come off the epilespy meds but they might be still clearing my…

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dief: Dief cry
I've come off the epilespy meds but they might be still clearing my system.

Suffice to say, I feel even craper off them. Reality is getting interesting as dreams and real life are getting a little fuzzy. The brane is still paining. Joints and muscles ache and not together enough to watch Torchy. I have bruises from the ecg pads at hospital, which are worrying in themselves.

Other than that, I am still here and I have a new needle-threader. Woot! *daft grin*
  • Sorry you're feeling so crappy. Feel better soon.

    Yay, new threader. I love new tools and toys.
  • fuck on, can't win for losing, eh? *hugs*

    I know nothing next to nothing about your conditions, no experiences to share, but I do know the frustrations of cyclicing through, on, and off meds so I totally empathize on that point. Hope this is a good step for you in the long run.

    And thanks for reminding me, I need to get to, ah, "acquiring" TW and TG from last night. *dashes off*
  • Take some lemon water throughout the day to get them out faster. *hugs*
  • Ugh. I just found epilepsy meds a complete nightmare from start to finish.

    What you need now might be CCA playing Headstones songs on his harmonica, yes?

  • I have just stumbled upon this and hope that you might enjoy it :)
    Perhaps it can cheer you up a bit?
    Get better soon *hugsnhugsnhugsnhugs*
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