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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

my brane fails to fail me...

my brane fails to fail me...

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welsh: headdesk
... I don't get exactly what I need

However I try to write this post, it doesn't work for me. I still have emails to catch up on, real life to catch up on and - it seems - headaches to catch up on. So, there you have it, buzzy is spinning like a yo-yo, and if you've seen me with anything involving co-ordination and moving objects... it's just not a pretty picture.

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. But with blackberries and schaumkuesse.

Unhappy thoughts about effectiveness of everything regarding branehate treatment don't really help things along either. I'm meant to have a 75% chance of sunshine and kittens, but it hasn't turned up yet (since I left hospital where they were pumping me full of drugs and I repeatedly failed to unhook my pump from the power before going for a walk).
  • *hugs you tight*
  • Welcome back :)
    Yes, real life is soooo messy. However, it's also interesting.
    I press both my thumbs that your doubts will be scattered in time and you get better better.
    Thanks for the book recommendation - sounds good :) If you want another recommendation: I have just started 'Sir Apropos of Nothing' which I've bought just because of the title in a second hand shop. The start is interesting...
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