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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Book Rec? Anyone?

Book Rec? Anyone?

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hcl: billy reads
The book I'm reading at the moment? Currently, I'm thinking whether one of the characters sharing her name with a LMS* is entirely co-incidental.

"Magic for Beginners" in Magic For Beginners by Kelly Link.

I can totally fail to do this book justice.

Suffice to say, reading eponymous long short story and loving it.

It has some really meaningful things to say about fandom, friendship and eccentricity. Before that puts you off, it's not about any of these things, they just happen along the road. Some things are better as roadside attractions, trust me, I "work" at one.

Good for those who like their fairy stories in all their gothic frivolity.

Loan Management System, library software. For those interested, TALIS.

And, yes, I do like Angela Carter. Muchly.
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