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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

I'm delurking a little here. Once again the brane and real life…

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prisoner guh
I'm delurking a little here. Once again the brane and real life allience killed anything that resembled fun (with the exception of cross stitch, which I can do stoned). So, this is buzzy delurking.

I need to write out some postcards for the distant journeywomen.

Obtuse enough?

Trying to conquer fear and open 15 and have a look at it. Fear and anxiety are also part of the brane's fiendish co-allition. They like to party. I twitch muchly.

Still need to check out the buzzy!mail inbox. I just... *handwave* Everything looks huge from here (and for once, I am not bitching about my height). I got something old and cool yesterday and hope to photo it and do a little show and tell.

Edit: can somebody point me to the Narnia/HP fusionfic thing about Aunt Petunia and her dislike of magical shininess and being something of a Susan possibley booted out for growing womanly. What I thought was it turns out SGA/Narnia. *headdesk*
  • The Made-Up Things? Using my google-fu to entertain you, I don't even read HP or Narnia :)

    and GIP
    • Exactly that.

      That is a gorgeous Rover you have there. You forget how pretty the Prisoner is sometimes.
  • You are being warmly hugged

    This is the first I've heard of the Aunt Petunia/Susan idea and I quite like it, myself.

    You need never worry about losing touch -- you are a very very special B.

    Many squeezings,
    • Re: You are being warmly hugged

      Finally directed there - it's more a Susan's daughters thing than rabid girlslash. I like it for its smarts (and a RL person will hopefully dig it).

      *squishing wildly* I needed that - everything closes down on itself sometimes.
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