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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Snag Froid is a little Morbid

Snag Froid is a little Morbid

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hugh huh (twitch)
In my little journey around del.icio.us today, I found a pretty little rec.

Bluebird by basingstoke*
Torchwood/Addams Family
Post Season 2 of Torchie**

Running for funniest thing I have read for ages. So much love!

Please take some arsenic with your tea.

(papajoemambo this means you *g*)

Thanks to innocentsmith for the lovely rec.

*yes, the author of the skull fucking fic - which I take as a damn good recommendation
**no, I am still avoiding Season 3
  • I'm also avoiding S3 but yes, basingstoke comes highly, highly recommended.
    • Basingstoke is always highly recommended.

      Especially when I introduce people to the skullfucking.
  • HI YOU!

    (cannot stay logged in to lj - it hates me, my browser hates me, my isp hates me. hate all round! but nice to see you nonetheless. <3)
    • Hello! HELLO!

      I hope that carries across the distance better.

      (i had a lot of brane!hate come my way so not around much either)
      • hey! it lets me in YOUR lj. at this moment. what it does not do is send me any comments. at all. gah!
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