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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

This is a short little entry. Yesterday saw a really nasty episode…

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fraser: lost boy
This is a short little entry.

Yesterday saw a really nasty episode of brane!hate which garnered triptan and asprin. It was evil and I am still somewhere else, i.e. not all here.

Through the words of janne_d, I found out I have been crack_vaned for Episodic here. I am yet to form a coherent response, which - quite frankly I believe - innocentsmith and her lovely rec deserve.

I really should print it and stick it on the motivational pinboard. At least, where the motivational pinboard was before I covered it with sticky notes, emails and commentry stuff about Poet. I have done some work on 15 and think I've moved foreward and actually thought about. Why the location of the beat up blue automobile is in a cornfield somewhere in Canada and where the hell it turned up. That might not make the most sense - it's about acid, truth and high level math. Except it's really about three boys... except it's actually about - that is a really hard question.

I know there was something else that should be in this entry, but I don't know what. The rec still makes me deliriously happy. And I want to explain to the reccer (eh, is there an actual spelling for that?) exactly why she hit my sweet spot, which sounds a lot dodgier than it is.
  • I can't think of anyone or any story that deserves being recced more than you and Episodic. It is just...wow...so brilliant! May your sweet spot be forever hit hard...er...well, yes. Anyway.

    Personally I am never absolutely sure what a story is about until I've got a full draft of it, and not even then, so this is me telling you not to worry too much about it.

    Sorry to hear about continued brain issues. *hugs*
    • Dubious phrase-o-logy wins the day.

      One of my stories waited for me to write 6000 words of interesting material before telling me it didn't work like that. I knew I was having problems with it (which are several - extract up an entry) and then one thing lined up and then all the other ideas slotted together and I got myself an ending. Just miles to go before anybody sleeps on that one.

      Brane is strangely well-behaved today.
  • ♥ ♥ ♥

    I'm so glad it made you happy! I do so love that fic, so I was delighted to be able to rec it.
  • Kisskiss

    "And the moon is swimming naked
    and the summer night is fragrant
    with a mighty expectation of relief
    So we struggle and we stagger
    down the snakes and up the ladder
    to the tower where the blessed hours chime "
    • Re: Kisskiss

      Wuh? Thy kissies are returned.

      Very pretty words. I'm just clueless.
      • Re: Kisskiss

        Unca Lenny makes it all better usually. Especially "Closing Time" Lenny.
        • Re: Kisskiss

          How could I forget uncle Lenny.

          (All these uncles make me think of the torchwood/addams thing I had been reading - which is bloody genius and given some of the people visiting that is worryingly literal)

          Also, got my New Mutants 21 out today and became a puddle of geek love. Somehow I missed that from the latest post. I fear mind control. (Also - everything Hewlett says in Astonishing is sheer and utter gold)
  • That is great, Buzzy! For a long time I thought I was the only one who knew about that wonderful fic. Thought it was, like, my secret or something! Which it totally shouldn't be, because it is superb and brilliant, and everyone else should have the joy of reading it, too! \buzzy/

    Hey, did you ever see the sketches I posted in your honor when you were feeling down? FRTDNEATJ, I was just looking at that thread, and I realized that maybe you never saw it.

    Anyway, congrats, it is well deserved and long overdue!
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