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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?



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vecchio: study hard
Okay, today I feel pretty darn good.

A few days back, I clicked regarding 15 and have rewritten the opener. I'm not sure how much of the content from the original (ha! version 9 of 15) is going to fit in, which is annoying as I have a load of really interesting stuff about Joseph, William and John. It's just more tell than show and tied up in the mashed up shrink reports and fuzzy narration.

16 recognises that the narator is a key part of the story. It's very important as he's the guy sticking everything together and finding out what went down at MacDonald High, Edmonton and how that hooks up with the orange scribbler stuck to the bottom of a drawer in Bucky's kitchen.

I seem to have re-engaged with the whole thing. Hopefully, I'll stay that way.

For your benefit and edifycation, here's one of my favourite bits:
You’re the cool hip person who calls Julie-Anne in Edmonton and orders fifteen roses and has them delivered to an abandoned lot. On mother’s day, because you think you think you are smart and clever. Just not clever enough to realise that documentary some rat-assed film student handed you is an elaborate hoax and the adverts in the back of Spin aren’t real either. You sat up at midnight – half out of your mind with vodka and herbal cigarettes – trying to summon the ghost of Joe Dick, the last of the punk gods. You harassed that pretty German major until you found out the over-dub at the beginning is no more interesting than your laundry list.

Assuming you’re the sort of person who washes. I was once.

If you’ve got to here, then, here is the truth: reality parted company long ago.

Mysterious, eh? Our narrator is noticing/remembering things right now. Incidents, events and interviews.

I just need to keep this up.

[oh, besides, 16 gave me a killer ending, it just took me until today to find words I like]

[hello, detail-orientated conspiracy, magic realism, revenge, detection and arson]

[1600 words of rewrite nuwrite, 6000 words of 15, and clearly this is no longer a little idea]

[also, you can learn to drive at 14 in Alberta]
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