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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Important life lesson: do not read "how to write" books in the…

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dief: Dief cry
Important life lesson: do not read "how to write" books in the bathroom.

Somewhere between then and this headache, I've ended up with a shed load of thoughts about 16 and none of them are good news.

Knocking off any explanation/revelation about the movie and why exactly Joe does what he did and how Joseph Mulgrew did it differently and with intent. And why John's mental health has gone on leave. And how this changes the set up - overcompromise? Would John had not gone along with Joe and Billy with his pills (which have ended up inside Danny Selerano, or so our narrator thinks) inside his socks?

That one is probably a "yes". He's got things going right - so somebody must be making it wrong. And is it the boys or is it Bruce trying to spice things up a bit? And the pissing in Saketchwan; how did that not make it in to the movie? [okay, because it wasn't in the real world movie, but this is why did it not make it into the fictional world movie of same] Have Joe and Billy been doing some creative editting and is Bucky Haight a figment of teenage imagination? ["Yes" to Bucky]

Why didn't I twig that "Reframed" is possibly the best soundtrack to 16?

Oh, wait, that might solve some of my conceptual holes, actually. It's like a murderous love song. And a sign of what the narrator knows that we at large don't? ["yes" again]

It's one of those Elusian Mystery stories of mine. Not so much unreliable narrator as unreliable reality. Can we get Lick the Pole in? Huh? Okay, now I might be baffling myself here.

I think I might be getting into writing!space but my eyes hurt.
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