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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Hanging in there - a diet Coke off insanity or close enough. Despite…

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prisoner guh
Hanging in there - a diet Coke off insanity or close enough.

Despite brane being beligerent, I managed to score some donations at "work", which is pretty dang nifty. I'm in again tomorrow, brave soul that I am. Otherwise, stitchy continues stitchily with more background shading in and I got some freebie silk floss in the mail yesterday. It is really quite nice and incredibly soft. I just need something that needs only 5yds of floss. I think I might start looking through my stash for something monochrome.

Of far more interest - Watching The Prisoner after work. Holy socks, 6 and 12 in the General just burn up the screen! Conspiracy lust is not something I connected with the Prisoner (not least because that was decidedly out of PMcG's comfort zone - the only episode with a bona fide love interest is the body swap episode). Seriously, hot. Even without the secret asignations, fake rows and everything! I love the episode enough already - particularly the General himself. See? Being carefully non spoilerific on a forty-year old show should get me brownie points.

What shouldn't get brownie points is when I lurk on lj and click through a "automatic content cut" to it cut the cut that warned about spoilers. *eyeroll*
  • I've been watching some of the old Prisoner episodes. Patrick was dead sexy as 6 and seriously contrary. Love your icon.
    • Trying to explain how somebody could be that hot and that angry seems to have reduced my brain to omghotburbleburble.

      ITV4 seem to be in that mood again - 5pm everyday until they get bored. I don't think you can get bored with that much hot on the screen. I tried to put this into words here and ended up resorting to pretty icons. *giggles madly* I also think that the Angry Young Man in FallOut/the Kid in the cowboy episode really rings my bell.
      • I think some people carry off angry very well, and dear Patrick was one of those guys.
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