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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Today was mostly okay (except brane, but that's normal) so why am I…

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hugh house
Today was mostly okay (except brane, but that's normal) so why am I so angry?

Grr. Arrgh. Teenage boys jumping our fence and sneaking into "work" via the fire door and making silly noises only to run off a bit, wait for me to catch up, run off again and vault the fence. It really does nothing for my mood. That it is symptomatic of local apathy to "work" and what we do beyond that one "mandatory school visit" some of them vaugely recall really annoys me. Hello, you live on top of all kinds of cool stuff and it would help if you didn't come in saying "local" means you don't have to pay entrance fees (of -ooooh- a quid per squid and two for you). I'm getting jittery here.

Yesterday, I talked to a nice American visitor who handed me a tenner and asked where the hell can we actually get funding and then bought stuff... it sounds kind of pathetic how a tenner and a bit of attention can make me happy.

(uh, for the unaware I work somewhere in the "heritage" sector and even that isn't really vague enough for my comfort outside f-lock)
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